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Yangtze Gold 8

Yangtze Gold 8 Cruise Ship

The all-new Yangtze Gold 8, 5-star ship of Yangtze Gold Cruise, is regarded as the Top Luxury river cruise in the world.

Cruise Route:

    Chongqing - Yichang (4 days & 3 nights)

    Yichang - Chongqing (5 days & 4 nights)

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Colorful Life on Yangtze Gold 8 Cruise


To offer you a satisfying dining experience on Yangtze Gold 8, staff onboard prepares delicious food of a lot of types from breakfast, lunch to dinner. All the dishes are served in buffet. A lot of western food and drinks are prepared in good looks and flavors to suits the habits of most western guests. Moreover, there are also a certain numbers of Chinese and other Asian dishes special for people from Asian countries and regions. Usually the menu changes every meal. Just enjoy the rich sorts of food served for you onboard Yangtze Gold 8.

Breakfast: appetizers (Sichuan pickle, peanut, etc.), Salads (tomato, red cabbage, etc.), dressings, cold dishes (duck breast meat, boiled chicken with sauce, etc.), hot dishes (ham with butter, baked bean, fried egg, fried rice, etc.), Chinese dim sum (Chinese teamed bun with fresh meat, steamed twisted roll with jam, milk steamed bun, etc.), milk, yogurt, soy milk, porridge (rice congee, oatmeal porridge, etc.), jams, butter, dried fruits & nuts (sunflower seed, candied date, raisin, banana chip, etc.), juices, fresh fruits, bread, etc.

Lunch: salads (organic carrot, onion, etc.), dressings, salads mixed with juices, cold dishes (spicy chicken, flavored duck meat, etc.), hot courses (mutton with curry, sweet and sour pork with fruit flavor, fried crispy sardine, brisket steamed with potato, creamy popcorn, roasted potato, Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce, etc.), sushi, flavored soups, sweet soups, western desserts (chocolate puff, pudding, cake), breads, Chinese dim sums (crispy steamed bun, golden pancake, etc.), fresh fruits, beverages, etc.

Dinner: salads (lettuce, cucumber, etc.), dressings, salads mixed with juices, sushi, cold dishes (flavored beef, braised vegetable with garlic sauce, etc.), hot dishes (hamburger with shrimp, black pepper beef, Japanese Seafood Noodles, etc.), soups (cucumber creamy soup, etc.), sweet soups (red bean paste, etc.), porridges, western desserts, Chinese dim sum (pumpkin pie, etc.), fresh fruits, beverages, etc.

(Please note: 1. The above is the dish list of breakfast, lunch and dinner for reference only; 2. Special dietary requirements, such as diabetic or vegetarian, are accepted onboard, but need to be advised in advance at time of booking with us or you can tell the front desk when checking in; 3. To know exact dining time, you can have a clear idea in the elevator, through the TV channel or by listening to the broadcast.)


1. Bottled water is provided every day in your cabins.

2. Hot water, coffee, tea, cola and other soft drinks are offered during your three meals every day onboard.

3. Yangtze Gold 8 Cruise has one café and one Sightseeing Bar offering offers drinks, beverage and wines for travelers.

4. The legal drinking age on Yangtze Gold Cruises ships is 18 years old.

Yangtze Gold 8 - Cuisine Onboard Yangtze Gold 8 - hinese and Western Restaurant Yangtze Gold 8 - VIP Restaurant Yangtze Gold 8 - Banquet Hall

Entertainment Programs

To enrich your life on Yangtze Gold 8, the cruise company has arranged a series of interesting activities, lectures, performances, and international standard entertainment places for you. You can spend an especially awesome trip on the cruise besides visiting the attractions off Yangtze River.

On the Captain’s Welcome Party, enjoy drinks, fruits, desserts, and other snacks, and you can dance with your friends and family and feel the warm and hospitality of the cruise captain and the staff with their sincere smiles and sweet words. Also, on the Captain’s Farewell Banquet Dinner, you can appreciate the jubilant dancing and singing of staff onboard while enjoying your delicious dishes. During your unoccupied hours on the ship, you can watch the Fashion Show on which diverse distinct costumes of Chinese dynasties are showed by the staff, sit in the recreation hall to see the dances, songs, and other talent shows of the crews, and also, you can join them to offer a performance to all travelers onboard, which will be a relaxing and happy experience. Furthermore, there are multiple sorts of interesting activities and lectures about China and Chinese, like Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, traditional Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion, etc. which create great chance for your knowledge enrichment.

Apart from that, you can also fly a kite on the Sun Deck to get close to nature, appreciate the fine scenery along Yangtze River to release your mind, and learn about the Tea Ceremony to cultivate a calm mental state, etc.

More fun places are arranged well for you as well, such as the Chess & Card Room, KTV Rooms, Cinema, Swimming Pools, SPA & Massage Area, etc. Release yourselves and enjoy your life on Yangtze Gold 8.

Yangtze Gold 8 - Making Dumplings Yangtze Gold 8 - Shopping Yangtze Gold 8 - Cinema and Conference Hall


Itenerary Information: usually every day, itinerary can be checked in the lobby and will be sent to your cabin. There will be noticed through the broadcast system for any changes.

Visiting Guide: ship guide will introduce the facilities and services onboard the ship and tell you about the attractions along the cruise and answer your questions.

Safe Box: if you have taken any personal valuables, please deposit them in the safe box special for traveler guests at the reception desk.

Luggage Porters: you just tell your room number to the bellboy or the reception desk, the bellboy will be responsible for your luggage carrying.

Photography Service: staff on Yangtze Gold cruise can take some pictures of you and develop film or make them a CD/DVD.

Business Center: business center is provided for guests to surf on the Internet, deal with Email and send electronic greeting cards.

Room Service: if you want to have your meal or night snack in your cabin, please contact the reception desk.

Laundry Service: please fill out the laundry service form and put your clothes in the laundry bag. The staff will take your clothes to do laundry and send them back after ready.

Yangtze Gold 8 - Service Yangtze Gold 8 - Sightseeing Bar

First Aid & Health Care

On Yangtze Gold 8, Chinese and Western Clinic is served for all gusts, and usually, the doctor will hold a lecture about Chinese medicine and Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion to share more knowledge with you.

Since the cruise company has arranged the Gym Room, inner heated swimming pool, and outdoor swimming pool with good condition, you can keep your body exercise onboard. And every morning, the Taichi master will teach guests onboard how to play the traditional Tai Chi that works well for both your physical and mental health.

Payment Onboard

The onboard currency is the Yuan (there is a currency exchange counter on board). At the end of the cruise you can settle you on board account either in cash or by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, all using chip and PIN). Travellers’ Cheques in Euro or US Dollars are also accepted.

Yangtze Gold 8 - Tai Chi Exercise

Public Facilities & Location

FacilityFloorFacility Floor
Lobby 2F Chinese & Western Restaurant 2F
Cinema 4F Gym Room 1F
VIP Restaurant 6F SPA & Massage Center 1F
Chess & Card Room 4F Cinema & Conference Hall 3F
Multi-functional Lounge 5F Children’s Paradise 3F
Internet Cafe 6F Conference Room 3F
Sightseeing Bar 6F VIP Restaurant 6F
KTV Room 6F Cigar Bar 6F
Inner Heated Swimming Pool 1F Outdoor Swimming Pool 5F
Golf Course Over Sun Deck Sun Deck 6F
Business Center 2F Shops 3F/4F
Chines & Western Clinic 3F Open-air BBQ 6F

Cabin Amenities

Active Window Extension Telephone TV Private Bathroom Shower
Cloth Line Mini Bar Life Jacket Mineral Water Ball-pen
Memo Pad Tea Bags Shampoo Bath Foam Shower Cap
Bath Towel Bed Face Towel Hand Towel Comb
Soap Toothpaste Toothbrush Tooth Mug Slippers
Shoe Sponge Broadcast Telephone Directory

Schedule of Yangtze Gold 8

    • Jan.
    • Feb.
    • Mar.
    • Apr.
    • May.
    • June.
    • July.
    • Aug.
    • Sept.
    • Oct.
    • Nov.
    • Dec.
    Please Note:
    • The above price range is based on a standard cabin for twin sharing.
    • The prices are valid by Dec.31 of the year.
    • Please enquiry for the exact price according to your nationality, cruising time and cruising route.
    • Please quote us for the price may change during China's Golden Week (the first week of October) and Spring Festival.
    • Limited winter schedules may be adjusted into other dates, cruise ships, etc. based on the arrangement of the cruise company.

    Questions & Discussions

    Following are latest questions and answers from our webusers and customers. You can learn many useful information from the discussion and cases. You can also join in the discussions or ask your own question. Our experts will help you ASAP.

    Do they have Drink packages on Board
    Just asking if there are Drink packages
    2019-03-25 14:36
    Hello Dianne,

    Thank you for the message. Yes, there are some drinks packages offered for guests onboard Yangtze Gold 8. However, we do not have the detailed list of prices of the different package and types of drinks, which include soft drinks, wines, liquor, juicy, etc. And you could know the detailed prices after boarding the ship.

    Wish you a memorable ship experience in China!
    ship laundry
    What will be the cost of personal laundry on board gold 8. Looks like we will be on board for two weeks
    2018-06-18 11:42
    Hello Pam,

    Thank you for the question. Laundry service for extra pay is provided for guests onboard, however, we do not have the detailed list of prices for such kind of service. But according to our experience and feedback of our real guests, they are a little higher than prices on land but still reasonable, which can be known after boarding. If you need, put the clothes in the laundry bag and fill the laundry service form or call the reception desk, and then the staff will take your clothes to do laundry and return to your cabin.

    Enjoy your upcoming Yangtze River Cruise tour!
    Smoking and Vaping
    Is there a designated area for smokers?
    2018-04-09 14:55
    Hi Anne,

    Good morning from China. Yes, there is a Cigar Bar on sixth floor of Yangtze Gold 8 that travelers can smoke there.

    Wish you a fantastic Yangtze River cruise!
    Hair Dryer
    Are hair dryers provided in all cabins?
    2018-02-05 08:35
    Hi Tish,

    Thank you for the question. At present, there is no hair dryer in the standard cabins on Yangtze Gold 8, but you could borrow it from the staff at the reception desk when you need.

    Wish you a wonderful sailing onboard Yangtze Gold 8!
    How much in USD is 280 RMB? I don't understand RMB.
    Thank you,
    2017-11-12 09:46
    Hello Dixie,

    Thank you for the message. 280 RMB may worth around 42.14 USD. Usually, according to the current RMB exchange rate, one US dollar is worth about 6.65 Chinese RMB.

    Have a nice day!
    Alcohol prices
    What is the current prices to beer, wine liquor on board?
    Thank you,
    2017-11-12 09:40
    Hi Dixie,

    Thank you for the good question. I’m sorry to tell you that we do not have the prices of drinks onboard Yangtze Gold 8 cruise, and as we know there are many types of drinks there, including beer, wine, liquor, and so on, and the prices are usually higher than that of products in a land store but also reasonable. You could know the detail prices after boarding from the staff. And the smiling staff at the bar would serve you well.

    Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Yangtze River cruise trip!
    alcohol is included on the cruise
    2017-10-31 20:35
    Hi Daywan,

    Thank you for the question. Alcoholic drinks are provided with limited quantity for free for the Captain’s Welcome Party and Captain’s Farewell Dinner on Yangtze River cruises. And there would be other kinds of drinks like coffee, juice, water, coca cola, etc. for free for the three meals included in the quotation. Besides, if you want more alcoholic drinks, you could order it from the staff in the restaurant or the bar onboard, where a lot of choices would be provided. And the order needs your extra payment.

    Wish you a relaxing trip onboard Yangtze Gold 8
    Cabin Facilities
    What is the voltage in the cabins (120, 240)?
    What type of electrical wall socket is in the cabins?
    Is there USB power in the cabins?
    Are bathrobes provided?
    2017-08-13 16:00
    Hello David,

    Thank you for the question. The voltage in the cabins onboard Yangtze Gold 8 is 220V. And you could borrow the adaptor from the reception desk if you need one. The electrical wall sockets are all of Chinese standard type, also of 220V. However, there is no USB power available in the cabins onboard the ship. And only the executive suites and presidential suites provide bathrobes for guests.

    Wish you a wonderful experience on the Yangtze Gold 8!

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