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Yangtze Gold 2

Yangtze 2 Cruise Ship

Yangtze Gold 2, one of the largest and most modern ships of Yangtze Gold Cruises, starts the first voyage on April, 2012.

Cruise Route:

  • Chongqing - Yichang (4 days & 3 nights;)
  • Yichang - Chongqing (5 days & 4 nights;)
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Yangtze Gold 2 Cruise Ship Reviews

Cruise Ship Rating: 9.1 out of 10. Read the reviews from the Real Travelers on Cruisecritics.com, Tripadvisors.com and Lonelyplanet.com below to better help your cruise plan.

An amazing cruise from the 3 gorges dam, the wolds largest hyroelectic project on the beautiful Yangtze Gold 1 cruiseship. This trip was absolutely amazing, scenery was unbeliveable through the gorges, something different every day on this 4 days cruise.

---- Reviewed by Erieau, May 13, 2019

Two travellers on the Yangtze Gold No. 2 Cruise ship from Chongqing to Yichang. This cruise exceeded our expectations. There were only 4 English-speaking people on board with 2 English-speaking River Guides (Vincent and Elissa). We were always well-looked after with Elissa always being available and helping us out. All of the excursions had local guides who were bilingual and spoke English very well. The facilities on the Boat were quite good, but the rooms are a bit dated. The bathrooms could use an upgrade.

---- Reviewed by Robdoct, November 27, 2018

All the cruise boats that ply up and down the Yangtze River do not live up to the 5* rating that they advertise. The cabin on the Yangtze Gold 2 was comfortable, if somewhat small. The food on board was very bland and we had upgraded to the better dining room. On board evening entertainment was very "loud". The shore excursions were like "Cattle trucks" we were all herded off the boat and then herded through the attractions. There were so many people that we were virtually tripping over each other. The natural beauty of the gorges that the boat passes through are spectacular and are well worth seeing.

---- Reviewed by Harte, South Africa, November 19, 2018

This is a Chinese ship with a Chinese crew with mostly Chinese tourists. That said, we did have a good time. The service was generally good and we had good food throughout the trip. If you are expecting good western food, this is not the ship for you. If you have an open palate and want to try different types of Chinese food (duck, rabbit, noodles) it's great. The Yangtze Gold 2 was whisper quiet. We got the VIP dining option which was a steal. We had a group of 12 and we had our own private room with a view for all meals. The wait staff was very responsive. Some of them actually perform in the nightly show. Our main contact on the ship was Lily and for the most part she promptly resolved any issues we had.

Shore excursions - Ghost city is fun although only the final temple is historic. Shibaozhai Pagoda is picturesque but lots of steps and make sure you take the ad hoc cabs to the drunken bridge to save a 20 min walk each way. Definitely do the lesser three gorges tour. Mini three gorges costs extra and is worth seeing. On the final night the ship goes through multiple ship locks - make sure you bring ear plugs for this. It takes hours and it will wake up all but the heaviest of sleepers!

---- Reviewed by Thomas C, New York, August 9, 2018

What Our Customers Say about Yangtze River Cruise

Hello Rita,

Happy New Year to you too! May 2023 bring many tourists and good health for you!

All the guides and both...

By Kathy
January 6, 2023

Hello Wonder,

Good evening! The cruise is good. Today was the the 小小三峡 tour (optional), very good so far so good thanks! Yes,...

By Axel
August 21, 2022

Hello Wonder,

we had a very nice cruise and I will send you more feedback by E-mail. Talk to you soon!


By Axel
August 15, 2022

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