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Century Paragon

9.8 / 10
Century Paragon Cruise Ship

Century Paragon is the leading luxury 5-star Yangtze cruise under Century Cruises with featured European-style managing criteria. Leading in luxurious river cruising on the Yangtze, it also ranks as the top most popular choice for all types of visitors to enjoy a relaxing Yangtze River cruise sailing trip in real luxury!

2024 Upgraded Shore Excursion Arrangement from Century Cruises:

To optimize guests’ travel experience, Century Cruises made a careful selection of spots to be visited at the Three Gorges Dam site, settling down the two best highlights, River Closure Memorial Park and the Three Gorges Dam Project Museum in 2024, which are less crowded and offer an extensive view.

2024 Brand New Upgraded Services from Century Cruises:

1). Embarkation night dinner (19:00-20:30); 2). Porter service; 3). Themed flavored cuisines; 4). Midnight snacks daily; 5). All-day set menu snacks; 6). Selected free drinks at lunch and dinner; 7). Childcare service; 8). Guide earphone for sight visiting.

Cruise Route:

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2023 Brand New Exclusive Upgraded Services from Century Cruises

Exclusive complimentary upgrade services ONLY FOR Century cruise travelers to enjoy a valuable and worry-free sailing vacation (For Chongqing Yichang Upstream & Downstream Cruises):

1. Embarkation night dinner (19:00-20:30) 2. Porter service for both embarkation and disembarkation
3. Flavored cuisines in different themes 4. Midnight snacks every day
5. All-day set menu snacks 6. Free drinks at lunch and dinner (selected red wines, beers, soft drinks, coffee, tea, etc.)
7. Childcare service (2-8 years old) during the cruise 8. Exclusive guide earphone for pleasant sight visiting
Century Paragon Service Century Paragon Service


Colorful Life on Century Paragon Cruise


The stylish luxury Century Pagagon presents every traveler guest onboard the ultimate tasting enjoyment during your 4-5 days on the Yangtze River. Both The Globe restaurant (2F) and the exquisite Pavilion VIP Restaurant (6F) are finely designed with large picture windows and decorated with advanced furniture in elegant color scheme as well as atmospheric lighting for a great restaurant dining experience. All three meals of a cruising day are greatly arranged in Chinese & Western buffet style at both restaurants. The cruise company caters to you to sample diverse kinds of delicacies in China and other countries in the world and to suite your ordinary dietary habit. Furthermore, there are also a-la-carte service in both those two restaurants, thus, you can order other food as you like to have the ultimate culinary experience during the cruise trip. Besides the three meals, there are plenty of exquisite snacks of western and local flavors offered onboard from the early bird refreshment to night snacks, so you will absolutely treat your taste buds throughout the day.

Breakfast options: salad (assorted vegetable salad); cheese (orange flavor, Emmenthal); beer sausage, sauces (Thousand Island Dressing, French Dressing, etc.); dry fruit (banana chips, walnut, raisin, etc.); cereal; fruits in syrup (pear, pineapple, etc.); juice (orange, tomato); dairies (milk, soybean milk, plain yogurt, etc.); bread and pastries (toast, Baguette, croissant, raisin muffin, etc.); jam (strawberry, apple, honey, peanut, etc.); butter; hot dishes (seasonal vegetable, ox tripe, etc.); eggs; poached corn, roasted bacon, pickles, fresh fruits; porridge; Chinese dim sum; noodles, cooking stations, etc.

Lunch options: salad (assorted vegetable salad); Chinese salad (cabbage, chicken with chilli and wild pepper sauce, celery with sesame oil, etc.); Chinese hot dishes (stir-fried choy sum with garlic, dry braised blunt-snout bream, etc.), Western hot dishes; Western dressings (chopped egg, chopped bacon, olive rings, etc.); sushi (salmon, tuna, caviar, etc.); salad with sauces; sauces; bread and pastries; pickles; soups (cream potato soup, etc.); desserts (mango jelly, orange mousse, black forest cake, puff, snow fungus soup, etc.); fruits; porridge, rice, cooking stations, etc.

Dinner options: salad (assorted vegetable salad); Western dressings (chopped egg, chopped bacon, olive rings, etc.);salad with sauces; sauces (Thousand Island Dressing, French Dressing, sesame oil, aromatic vinegar, chilli oil, etc.); Chinese dressings (chopped green onion, chopped peanut, etc.); Chinese cold dishes (broccoli in scallion oil, sweet and sour ribs, etc.) western old dishes (Philippine styled stewed pork, pizza with mixed sausages, etc.); Chinese hot dishes (braised Dongpo pork hock with brown sauce, stir fried seasonal vegetables, shredded beef with hot peppers, etc.); soups (tomato and beef meatballs soup, etc.); desserts (matcha red bean mousse, German cheese cake, caramel pudding, etc.); bread and pastries (soft rolls, hard rolls, etc.); fruits; porridge; rice; cooking stations, etc.

(Please note: 1. The above dish list of breakfast, lunch and dinner is for reference only; 2. Special dietary requirements, such as diabetic or vegetarian, are accepted onboard, but need to be informed in advance at the time of booking with us or when checking in onboard the cruise; 3. To know exact dining time, you can have a clear idea in the elevator, through TV channel or by listening to the broadcast.)

VIP Restaurant on Century Paragon Restaurant on Century Paragon Dining Service on Century Paragon Dining on Century Paragon Dining on Century Paragon


1. Early bird treatment: Early risers can enjoy complimentary early bird coffee and tea with pastries in the bar (usually at 06:30~07:00).

2. Advanced purified water system with purified water directly offered to cabins on Century Paragon. Also, drinkable water is offered through the room thermos and bottled water (1 bottle per person per day).

3. Free drinking of selected red wines, beers, soft drinks, coffee, tea, etc. are offered at lunch and dinner. Milk, coffee, tea, juice and other selected non-alcoholic drinks are offered at breakfast.

4. Century Paragon has the a Bar offering drinks, beverage, wines for travelers from morning till night.

5. The legal drinking age on Century Cruises ships is 18 years old.

Drink Packages:

Onboard Century Paragon, there are some drink packages for cruise travelers to enjoy a leisurable drinking holiday with good prices. Please know the details from staff onboard after your embarkation. Also, you can checkCentury Cruises Drink Packages for more information for reference.

Drinking on Century Paragon Drinking on Century Paragon

Deluxe & Cosy Accommodations

Century Paragon provides altogether 4 types of distinct and deluxe accommodations onboard for the various needs of different traveler groups, including the Deluxe Cabins (28.00 s.q.m.), Junior Suites (30.00 s.q.m.), Executive Suites (38.50 s.q.m.) and Presidential Suites (106.00 s.q.m.). All rooms are specially furnished with a nice private balcony, a private bathroom and full equipment and amenities of high quality for the comfortable and convenient stay of every international visitor guest. Also, delicately elegant design and decoration are adopted for a good aesthetic savory. Besides, the elaborately selected linen for high starred hotels and cosy lighting will help you have a sound sleep during the cruise trip. Seeking more room space or superior hardware & services? The Executive Suite and Presidential Suites ( with private sightseeing deck) with better and more amenities and appliances of higher class will satisfy your needs greatly, such as a bathtub, etc.

Booking the Executive Suites or Presidential Suites on Century Paragon offers you a rich series of complimentary VIP services from dining, drinking, to caring, shore excursion visiting, and so forth, for your ultimate luxuriant cruise travel memory in China!

Check More Century Paragon Accommodation Info & VIP Services

Accommodations on Century Paragon

Entertainment & Cultural Activities

You will never feel bored when on Century Paragon, since quite many types of interesting cultural activities, performances and entertaining items are arranged during day and late night for your wonderful holiday experience.

In the early morning, stretch your body by learning Taichi with others under the guidance of the Taichi master to start a fresh day. During the day, just feel free to join in the popular cultural lectures, seasonal themed activities & DIYs, like moon cakes making, dumpling making, kite flying, etc. to learn some interesting Chinese culture, art, history, and so on, to enrich your harvest of the trip. Besides, enjoy a movie at the theater on the Bottom Deck. You can also show your singing talent and charm with your friends or family members in the KTV rooms (extra fee). Furthermore, during your unoccupied time, if you are interested, you can also play Mahjong (extra fee) in the Card and Chess Room to get more different fun, get up to the super-large Sun Deck and lie on the deck chair to enjoy the passing scenery and comfortable sunshine, read a book in the library, and so on.

Moreover, remember not to miss the Captain's Welcome Reception on your embarkation night with band play on site for a great party enjoyment. Furthermore, watch the jubilant Crew Talent Show in the evening to receive the welcome from the whole cruise staff and harmonious moments with international cruise travelers.

Traveling with kids? No worry! The great children’s playground is well facilitated with various recreational items for the fun play of your sweethearts!

Cinema on Century Paragon Entertainment on Century Paragon

Services Onboard

Cruise guests on Century Paragon can receive the catering service for a worry-free trip experience. All its staff are systematically and strictly trained to offer considerate and reputed services to every visitor to the cruise, from the reception, dining, drinking, caring, ordering, cleaning, etc. All of them are very glad to receive and talk to you and help you throughout your tour.

Guide Service: Experienced English-speaking guide will serve there during the whole cruise and help you know everything clearly. Every day, the guides will inform through the central broadcasting system or bulletin board the arrangement of all the activities of the next day. Besides, he/she will participate in various activities and give nice introduction of the Three Gorges (Qutang Gorge and Wu Gorge) during your visiting. To help you have a much better tourist visiting experience, Century Paragon also adapts the guide earphone for every guest during their shore excursion discovery.

Laundry: Every traveler onboard can do laundry. Apart from the simple self-laundry in the bathroom in your cabin, there is also laundry service for your need. If you want to have your clothes cleaning, just put them into the laundry bag in your room and tell the staff or reception desk, and they will arrange to collect your clothes to do laundry. Staff will send your clean clothes to your room. Such service needs extra payment.

Internet & WI-FI: Century Paragon offers free Wi-Fi service to all its guests. The Wi-Fi is covered on the entire ship 24 hours during your whole trip, so you can use it to share photos to social media, contact with your people and deal with some business, in both public area and your cabins. Be kindly known that the signal may be influenced when passing some sections of the Yangtze River. Please tell the staff to help you link your phone and other device to the Wi-Fi.

Phone call / Copy & Print: Both domestic and international phone calls are available onboard Century Paragon, so you will still keep great contact with your family and friends no matter they are in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan or other overseas countries. Also, copy & print services are arranged on the cruise. All the services are fee-based, which can be signed to your account and be settled at the end of your cruise trip. Please tell the staff to help you.

Housekeeping: The room attendants will clean your room every day as that in the starred hotels for your neat and fresh staying feeling.

Grand Lobby on Century Paragon Guide Service on Century Paragon Business Center on Century Paragon Service on Century Paragon

First Aid & Health Care

Century Paragon has an onboard doctor offers 24-hour treatment services (with both Chinese and Western treatments) to visitors for emergencies in the Clinic. And the doctor will sometimes hold a lecture about traditional Chinese Medicine, telling you something about Chinese medicinal herb and acupuncture and moxibustion. Besides, to care your body and maintain your health, you can do Spa and massage on board to get fully relaxed or keep your healthy lifestyle and release pressure at the Gym.

Payment Onboard

The onboard currency is the Chinese Yuan (there is a currency exchange counter on board). At the end of the cruise you can settle your onboard account either in cash or by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, all using chip and PIN). Travelers’ Cheques in Euro or US Dollars are also accepted. Also, Alipay and WeChat Pay are also available on the cruise for more convenient e-payment experience during the trip!

Spa on Century Paragon

Public Facilities & Location

FacilityFloorFacility FloorFacility Floor
Lobby 2F Reception Desk 2F Souvenir Shop 3F / 4F
Business Center 1F Clinic 1F Children's Paradise 6F
Reading Room 6F Chess & Card Room 1F HD Cinema -1F
Multi-function Hall 5F KTV 5F Bar 5F
Beauty Salon 6F Spa & Massage Room -1F Swimming Pool -1F
Sun Deck 6F Gym 2F VIP Restaurant 6F
The Globe Restaurant 6F

Cabin Amenities

Private Balcony Private Bathroom Extension Telephone TV TV Controller Shower
Bathtub Mini Bar Life Jacket Mineral Water Ball-pen Memo Pad
Telephone Directory Hair Dryer Shampoo Bath Foam Shower Cap Bath Towel
Bed Face Towel Hand Towel Floor Towel Soap Soap Plate
Comb Toothpaste Toothbrush Tooth Mug Slippers Bathrobe
Kettle Teacup Coffee Spoon Sugar Bowl Tea Tray Ice Bucket
Tea Bags Weight Scale Napkin Box Shoe Basket Shoehorn Shoe Sponge
Desk Chair Clothes Hanger Cloth Line Laundry Bags Alarm Clock
Toilet Paper Safe Box Sign of Free Drinking Non-smoking Tag Mini Refrigerator Sofa

Schedule of Century Paragon

    • Jan.
    • Feb.
    • Mar.
    • Apr.
    • May.
    • June.
    • July.
    • Aug.
    • Sept.
    • Oct.
    • Nov.
    • Dec.
    Please Note:
    • The above price range is based on a standard cabin for twin sharing.
    • The prices are valid by Dec.31 of the year.
    • Please enquire us of the exact price according to your nationality, cruising time and cruising route.
    • The cruise prices for holidays such as National Holiday (the first week of October), Labor Day, Spring Festival, etc., are quoted upon request.
    • Limited winter schedules may be adjusted into other dates, cruise ships, etc. based on the arrangement of the cruise company.

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    Questions & Discussions

    Following are latest questions and answers from our webusers and customers. You can learn many useful information from the discussion and cases. You can also join in the discussions or ask your own question. Our experts will help you ASAP.

    flight to/from Toronto Canada
    How many stops does the plane make on this flight (included with this package) from Toronto Canada to China?
    2018-03-14 23:24
    Hello Harvey,

    Thank you for the good question. From Canada to China, there are 2 direct flights from Toronto to Beijing for about 13.5 hours, and 2 direct flights to Shanghai for about 14.5 hours. And both cities have daily flights and high speed trains to the Yangtze River port cities of Chongqing and Yichang. If you have any questions about the transportation and are interested in booking a Yangtze River cruise, just feel free to tell our travel consultant by Email, and they will contact you soon to help you sincerely and professionally.

    Enjoy your wonderful day!
    Beverage list
    Where can I find a list of beverages such wines, beer and soft drinks that are available on the Century Paragon please.
    2017-03-11 12:40
    Hello Patricia Harrison,

    Thanks for your question. Here we’ve shown you the brief list for beverages on Century Paragon. Please kindly check it for reference.

    Wines - travelers can enjoy cock tail, sparking wine & champagne, gin, tequila, bourbon, Canadian whisky, Irish whisky, Scotch whisky, cigar, rum, vodka, brandies & cognac, Chinese spirit, etc.

    Beer - Chongqing beer, Tsing Tao beer, Budweiser, Heineken beer, etc.

    Soft drinks - local mineral water, Evian, Pemier, Coca Cola, sprite, etc.

    Also, coffee, tea and other drinks are available on Century Paragon. Please note that the wines and beers need charge which belong to personal expenses.

    Wish you a wonderful trip on Yangtze River cruise!

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