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Yichang Transportation: How to Get to Yichang Port
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Yichang Transportation Guide

Yichang, the start or ending point along Yangtze River Cruise, is the Throat connecting the Eastern and the Western parts of China by air, railway, expressway and waterway.

Map of Chongqing Port & Transfer
Map of Yichang Port & Transfer

Our detailed Yichang transportation guide with clear direction will help you easy to get to Airport, Railway Stations and Ports in Yichang. Worry free and just start your lifetime getaway right now!

Yichang Airport

There is an airport - Sanxia International Airport in Yichang, 26 kilometers away from Yichang Downtown and 55 kilometers away from Three Gorges Dam Site. Frequent scheduled flights go to / from more than 20 domestic destinations including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Xian etc. Daily flights from Yichang to Wuhan are also available.

Yichang Sanxia International Airport

  • Location: Yiling District, Yichang City
  • Directions to Yichang Port
    By taxi: The distance between Sanxia Airport and New Century Port is 40 kilometers, which will cost you around 150 Yuan for 45 minutes~1hour’ drive. While transferring to Taohuacun Port is 37 kilometers which will cost you about 150 Yuan for 40 minutes~1hour’ drive.
  • Yichang Sanxia Airport

    Yichang Sanxia Airport


    Yichang Railway

    There are two railway stations - Yichang East Railway Station and Yichang Railway Station. Served by several railway lines, Yichang is well connected with Shanghai, Wuhan, Beijing, Xian, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

    Recently, there are no direct trains to Guilin at present, so you should transfer to Liuzhou first and take a bus from Liuzhou to Guilin (2 hours).

    Yichang East Railway Station

    Yichang CHR Trains

    Yichang East Railway Station

  • Railway Lines: At the junction point of two segments of the Shanghai – Wuhan – Chengdu Passenger Dedicated Line. To the east, the Hanyi Railway provides frequent service to Wuhan, with some trains continuing to Nanjing and Shanghai. To the west, the Yiwan Railway leads you to Chongqing and Chengdu.
  • Daily Bullet CHR Trains (D Train): take about 2 and half hours to Wuhan and 7 and half hours to Shanghai, offering you great convenience to get to or away from Yichang.
  • Train Number From / To Detailed Time Duration
    D3008 / D3005 Yichang-Shanghai 08:20 – 15:44 7 hours and 44 mins
    D3074 / D3071 Yichang-Shanghai 13:40 – 21:57 8 hours and 17 mins
    D5868 / D5865 Yichang-Wuhan 08:40 – 14:50 6 hours and 10 mins
    D5854 / D5861 Yichang-Wuhan 07:15 – 09:51 2 hours and 38mins
    D5878 / D5875 Yichang-Wuhan 11:30 – 14:08 2 hours and 38 mins
    D5864 / D5861 Yichang-Wuhan 13:10 – 15:38 2 hours and 28 mins
    D5874 / D5871 Yichang-Wuhan 17:05 – 19:32 2 hours and 27 mins
    D3082 / D3079 Yichang-Nanjing 08:40 – 14:50 6 hours and 10 mins
    D3078 / D3075 Yichang-Nanjing 15:40 – 21:37 5 hours and 57 mins

    Note: You’ll depart from Yichang East Railway Station, and arrive at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, Wuhan Railway Station or Nanjing South Railway Station.

  • Location: First Section Xiling Road, Yichang City
  • Direction to Yichang Port
    By taxi: Taking a taxi from Yichang East Railway Station to New Century Port (23 kilometers away) is around 40 minutes’ drive which will cost you about 60 Yuan. And cost around 60 Yuan to transfer to Taohuacun Port (20 kilometers from Yichang East Railway Station).
  • Yichang East Railway Station

    Yichang East Railway Station


    Yichang Railway Station

  • Location: No.107 Dongshan Avenue, Yichang City
  • Direction to Yichang Port
    By taxi: It is only 11.5 Kilometers between Yichang Railway Station and New Century Port which will cost you 25 Yuan in 15 minutes’ drive. And 25 Yuan to Taohuacun Port.
  • Yichang Railway Station

    Yichang Railway Station


    Yichang - Wuhan Expressway

    It is convenient for you to take a long-distance coach from Yichang to Wuhan for plentiful coaches will come and go every day. The distance between Yichang and Wuhan is about 300 kilometers which will cost 4 hours.

    Yichang - Wuhan Expressway, with a length of 278.869 meters and daily traffic flow of 17, 000, is also a vital part of Shanghai - Chengdu National Trunk Expressway.

    Yichang Wuhan Expressway

    Yichang Wuhan Expressway

    City Transportation to Yichang Port

    Yichang New Century Port and Yichang Taohuacun Port are a little bit far away from City Center that not so well conntected by city buses and taxies. The cruise companies will inform travelers in advance and if you want a transfer from the cruise port to Yichang city center/railway station/airport, feel free to tell your needs to the cruise companies. The price will be reasonable.

    www.yangtze-river-cruises.com offers Yichang local private transfer service and our local guides and drivers will pick you up at the cruise port upon your arrival. It will more convenient and safe for you to get on the right cruise ship at dock without wasting time to find a taxi or bargain with the driver. Meanwhile, it will save you time to catch your flight/ train to next destination after cruise.

    Yichang Port

    Yichang Port

    Not easy to find the right cruise ship/itinerary for you? Please contact one of our Yangtze cruise specialists to save your time and money. Click the right button to send an online inquiry and we will get back to you within 0.5~23.5 hours.

    Your can rely on their expert knowledge and endless enthusiasm!

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