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Xian to Chongqing Distance, Chongqing Xian Flights & Trains
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Chongqing Xian Transportation - by Train & Flight

Chongqing Xian Distance

Situated at the northeast of Chongqing city, Xian is about 580km away. However, as the fast change and upgrade of transportation system in China, there are easy means of transfer for travellers to go between Xian and Chongking, by flight, train, and car.

Chongqing to Xian - Chongqing Xian Distance
Chongqing Xian Distance Map

Xian Chongqing Flights

The most convenient and easy way to go to Chongqing from Xian and to Xian from Chongqing is to take a flight, which takes only about 1.5 hours to get and there usually are more than 15 daily flights from the early morning till the late night, so you can choose the most suitable flight according to your schedule conveniently.

Warm flight tips for Yangtze River cruise travellers:

For Chongqing Departure Cruises

Usually for downstream cruises from Chongqing to Yichang, the embarkation time starts at 18:00, to assure you board your ship on time, it is better to choose a flight arriving at Chongqing before 16:30 on the embarkation day. If you have enough time and want to savor some special food in Chongqing and visit some local famous sites, you can fly in the morning or before the noon from Xian to Chongqing.

For Yichang Departure Cruises

And for upstream cruises from Yichang to Chongqing, the disembarkation time is arranged at about 9:00 in the morning. So if you are planning to transfer to other destinations like Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xian, etc. by air, it is suitable to book a flight taking off after 12:00 or even in the afternoon. Besides, for most cruise travellers to Chongqing, they would like to spend a half day tour to discover the snacks like the hot pot, fancy view and cultural flavor of this city of mountain, and then take a flight in the late afternoon or at night to the next destination or back home.

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Xian Xianyang International Airport



Distance from Xian downtown: driving about 35km for about 55mins.

Xian Xianyang International Airport (西安咸阳国际机场) about 25 km from Xian city is the vital gate to this historic city, and also it has been praised as the 4-star airport by the Skytrax for its high quality facilities and warm services. As a major airport in China, Xianyang Airport has opened 269 airlines between domestic and international cities and regions, including Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Kunming, Wuhan, Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, etc., which has prepared the ideal transportation way for people to come and leave Xian with speed.

Flight from Xian to Chongqing - Xian Airport

Xian Xianyang International Airport

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport



Distance from Chongqing downtown: driving about 23km for about 35mins.

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport (重庆江北国际机场) is located at the northeast part in Chongqing city, about 19km from the downtown area. Recent years, airline network of this major airport has been more complete to serve guests to and from about 83 domestic cities and 37 cities and regions in America, Europe, Asia, etc. Therefore, you can take a flight to Xian from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, London, Los Angeles Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, etc.

Flights to Chongqing - Chongqing Airport

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport

Xian Chongqing Trains

Besides the flights, you can also choose to get on a train to transfer between Xian and Chongqing with slower pace. However, there so far is no high speed train between Xian and Chongqing, you can spend some leisure time during the several hours long moment on the carriage if not in a hurry.

Normally, there are 3 K trains from Chongqing to Xian every day from the morning to the late afternoon to suit your time arrangement. You can check the train schedule as below for reference.

Train Schedule from Chongqing to Xian:

Train NumberDeparture StationArrival StationDeparture & Arrival TimeDuration
K690 Chongqing North Railway Station Xian South Railway Station 07:47-17:14 About 9.5 hours
K1582 Chongqing Railway Station Xian South Railway Station 09:00-19:30 About 10.5 hours
K1004 Chongqing North Railway Station Xian Railway Station 09:14-19:11 About 10 hours


Ordinarily, there are 4 K trains running from Xian to Chongqing for 10 to 13 hours from the early morning till the late night. If you are planning to go to Chongqing by train from Xian, see the below schedule table for reference.

Train Schedule from Xian to Chongqing:

Train NumberDeparture StationArrival StationDeparture & Arrival TimeDuration
K1581 Xian South Railway Station Chongqing Railway Station 05:18-18:09 About 12 hours 15 minutes
K689 Xian South Railway Station Chongqing North Railway Station 20:27-06:23 About 10 hours
K1573 Xian South Railway Station Chongqing North Railway Station 20:55-07:25 About 10.5 hours
K1002 Xian Railway Station Chongqing Railway Station 21:28-10:29 About 13 hours

Note: the above information about trains between Chongqing and Xian is for your reference only, and detailed time and train shifts may be adjusted according to practival situation. Contact our Travel Consultant for more Chongqing and Xian transportation info.


Xian Railway Station:

Xian Railway Station (西安站) at Huanchengbei Road, Xincheng District in Xian downtown is serving for trains between Xian and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Urumqi, and so on, and is very easy to get to by local taxi, bus, subway (Wulukou Stop of Xian Metro Line 1), etc.

Xian South Railway Station:

Xian South Railway Station (西安南站) is a little far from the city downtown, which serves for many fast trains to and from Chengdu, Chongqing, Lanzhou, Taiyuan, Kunming, Hohhot, etc. It costs about 55 mins to get to by driving for about 30km. also, if you have enough time, you can take the public bus and subway to get there for about 2 hours.

Chongqing North Railway Station:

Chongqing North Railway Station (重庆北站), named Longtousi Railway Station (龙头寺火车站) and Chongqingbei Railway Station as well, is located at Yubei District in this city and operated for many high speed trains (Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hankou, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Wuhan, Qingdao, etc.) and normal trains. High standard equipment and services are well arranged to serve travellers from tens of domestic cities, benefiting their trip to and from Chongqing city very well. Public transportation vehicles like the bus, subway (Chongqing North Railway Station South Square Stop of Chongqing railway transit line 3), and taxi can take you to this station from many places in Chongqing downtown.

Chongqing Railway Station:

Chongqing Railway Station (重庆站) is also called Caiyuanba Railway Station (菜园坝火车站) for its location at Caiyuanba, Yuzhong District in Chongqing city. Fast and normal trains to and from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xian, Kunming, Guiyang, Fuzhou, and so forth pass this station for many guests. You can get to Chongqing Railway Station by local railway transit line 2 or 3 and bus for about 35mins. If you drive there from the downtown, it costs about 8mins.

For more questions about transportations between Chongqing and Xian, please feel free to contact our professional Travel Consultant!

Xian to Chongqing - Xian Railway Station

Xian Railway Station

Xian to Chongqing - Xian South Railway Station

Xian South Railway Station

Xian to Chongqing Train - Chongqing North Railway Station

Chongqing North Railway Station

Xian to Chongqing Train - Chongqing Railway Station

Chongqing Railway Station

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