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Dining & Food on Cruise Ships, Eating on Yangtze River Cruise
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Eating on Yangtze River Cruise

Some Notes about Dining On Yangtze Cruise

1. When dining onboard, passengers are normally arranged with ten persons as a group based on nationalities, diet habits, religious or other cultural background.

2. Dining on the Yangtze River cruise ships, unlike on the ocean ships, restaurants have a limited area and the meals are arranged at fixed time for one hour. Breakfast, generally from 07:00, lunch is from 12:00 and dinner is from 19:00, which is usually the Chinese or Western buffet. And there are so much food and garment for your taste.

3. Ships rated three-stars and up offer free and limited quantity drinks like tea or soft drinks, and for more, you need to pay the extra fees. There is water purification and sterilization facilities onboard ship that offer clean tap water, but you'd better not drink it. You can buy the pureness water when your ship docks on every port of call. Besides, there are generally two bottles of water to be offered for every one per day.

4. If you want some special service, such as having breakfast or lunch in your room, you can order the room service at any time.

5. Moreover, the ships can arrange the special dishes for your diet preferences, such as the vegetarian, salt-free, low-carbohydrate, Kosher, or others, but you need to order it in advance, a day or a half day early.

Generally, there are two kinds of foods and dishes, namely, the Chinese food and Western food.

Three Meals on Yangtze Cruise

Breakfast Onboard

Start each day with a lavish buffet breakfast comprised of an assortment of fresh breads and pastries, fruits, yogurts and cereals, as well as bacon and eggs. Also we have added some famous traditional Chinese food like dumplings.

Lunch Onboard

Each day, hot and cold meats, along with a selection of regional specialties, round out the gourmet array. Lunch is a buffet service – mouth-watering soups as well as hot or cold appetizers, with more than 20 special Chinese and western specialties.

Dinner Onboard

Whether it's an elegant feast or a traditional themed evening, dinner is a table service with 6 appetizers and 8 specially selected delicious Chinese courses. While on some ships, there are also Western and Chinese buffet.

  • Cruise Dining Buffet

    Cruise Dining Buffet

  • Cruise Dining Buffet

    Cruise Dining Buffet

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    Cruise Dining Foods

  • Yangtze Cruise Dining

    Yangtze Cruise Dining


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