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Yangtze Cruise Onboard Cruise Facilities
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Yangtze Cruise Onboard Cruise Facilities

Together with excellent service, all Yangtze River Cruises are equipped with kinds of facilities for your ordinary use and other entertainment and business facilities. The more luxury cruise has more great facilities provided in your cabin room and public areas.

Cabin Facilities

According to different types of cabin you choose in different cruises, the facilities in cabin are different. Normally, from the standard to supreme cabins, all cabins are equipped with beds, air-conditioning, TV, telephone, private bathroom and other common use facilities. The more luxury cabins, the larger space you can enjoy. You can check cruise cabin for more details.

Public Facilities

When getting onboard, your tour guide will take you to view around the cruise and introduce the location of public facilities, including gyms, libraries, bars, lounges, business centers, Internet rooms, shopping area, hairdressing, spa & beauty salon, sun deck, recreation deck, observation deck and other public areas.

According to different cruise ships, the public facilities can be different. Like elevator, swimming pool are only equipped in some cruises:

Which cruise has swimming pool onboard?

There are two kinds of swimming pools on Yangtze River Cruises. One is the Indoor thermostic and constant-humidity swimming pool; the other one is the ordinary swimming pool.

  1. Century Paragon, Century Legend, President No.7, President No.8, Yangtze Gold 7 (1F, 132㎡; 5F, 63㎡), Yangtze Gold 8 (1F, 132㎡; 5F, 63㎡), Yangtze 2 (1F, 32㎡) have the Indoor thermostic and constant-humidity swimming pools.
  2. Yangtze Gold 1 (1F, 35㎡), Yangtze Gold 2 (1F, 63㎡), Yangtze Gold 3 (1F, 63㎡), Yangtze Gold 5 (1F, 63㎡), Yangtze Gold 6 (1F, 63㎡) and Yangtze 1 (5F, 45㎡) have the ordinary swimming pools.

Which cruise has elevator onboard?

  1. Victoria Cruises Series: Victoria Jenna, Victoria Anna, Victoria Lianna, Victoria Katarina and Victoria Selina;
  2. Century Cruises Series: Century Paragon, Century Legend, Century Sun, Century Sky;
  3. Yangtze Golden Cruises: Yangtze Gold 1, Yangtze Gold 2, Yangtze Gold 3, Yangtze Gold 5, Yangtze Gold 6, Yangtze Gold 7, Yangtze Gold 8
  4. President Cruises: President Prime 6, President No.7, President No.8
  5. Other Cruise Ships: Yangtze Explorer, Yangtze 2 and Yangtze 1.

  • Swimming Pool of Century Cruises

  • Onboard Elevator of Victoria Cruises

Free & Charge Facilities

Among all kinds of facilities onboard, tourists can free to use all cabin facilities and some of the public facilities, so you need to pay when to use some specific facilities, like swimming pool, internet room, go shopping, take spa, Chinese massages or some personal care.


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