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What to Pack for a Yangtze Cruise, Cruise Packing Tips
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What to Pack for Yangtze Cruise

If you are new to Yangtze River cruising, please do not feel worried. Here, we list the most useful stuffs for your reference when packing your cruise.

  1. Travel documents (must need): valid Passport and Chinese Visa are necessary for tourists, which cannot be lost.
  2. Airline or Train tickets
  3. "Carry On" luggage: air travel in China is limited to 2 pieces for first class travelers and one piece for business and economy class travelers. The dimensions of each shall not exceed 20X40 X55cm and the total weight of the above two pieces shall not exceed 5 kg. The carryon items in excess of the above mentioned piece, weight or dimension shall be checked-in as checked baggage according to regulations.
  4. Confirmation Letter: once you book with us, we will email you a confirmation letter, which listed your personal info and all cruise information about cruise port and cruise itinerary. We recommend you to print this letter and easy for you to check your cruise itinerary after getting aboard.
  5. Address and telephone number list: A list of e-mail addresses, mailing addresses and telephone numbers will help keep you in touch. Type them onto a sheet instead of taking a whole address book makes your package light.
  6. Casual clothes to pack: according to different seasons, you can pack light jackets, Jeans, T-shirts and lightweight windbreaker are packed for springs and autumns; cottons T-shirts and shorts are for hot summers, and you should take the hats, sunglasses, suntan lotions, etc. And comfortable walking shoes, like sneakers for your shore excursions.
  7. Daily commodities: common use can be offered onboard and your cabin, like Tooth Brush, Toothpaste, Comb, etc. if you like you can bring your own. Meanwhile, all valuables and breakables, including credit cards, wallet, jewelry, electronics and cameras as well as any essential medicines, please hand-carry with you.

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Questions & Discussions

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how to dress?
Hello, do you suggest to bring a jacket for men and evening dresses for women for the captain\'s dinner or farewell dinner?
2017-04-03 07:10
Hi Inna Rozinsky,

Thanks for your question. Usually dressing code for captain\'s welcome and farewell party is not very formal. Such as, suite, tie, evening dress, etc. are not strictly required. You can dress as comfortable as possible to enjoy your cruise tour, but too casual clothes like jeans, round-neck shirts, shorts, slipperier, and so forth are better to avoid.

Hope you enjoy the trip on the Yangtze River!

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