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Chongqing Weather & Seasons

Chongqing, called Mountain City, is an inland city located in the subtropical zone of north hemisphere, with mountains on the north and southeast. It is also called one of the three “Furnace Cities” along Yangtze River, with hot humid summers, mild dry winters and long frost-free period. The annual mean temperature is 18.7 °C.

The best time to visit China Chongqing is spring and autumn. When planning your Chongqing trip, please check out the detailed Chongqing weather, climate and temperature by seasons.

Climate in Chongqing

Chongqing Climate

Seasons to Visit Chongqing

Spring in Chongqing

The spring of Chongqing comes early. In the spring time temperatures climb reaching 22.7 °C generally in the afternoon with overnight lows of 15.3 °C.

This season is suitable for visiting Dazu Rock Carvings and taking Yangtze River cruise. Bring sweaters and coats, long-sleeve shirts for your travel.

Srping in Chongqing

Spring in Chongqing

Summer in Chongqing

Summer is long and hot in Chongqing, about 120-140 days, from Middle May to the end of September. During Summer time, the average high temperatures are 32.7 °C and average low temperatures are 23.7 °C. Some Days, the highest temperature could reach 40 °C.

This season is suitable for visiting Wulong Karst Geological Park.

Summer in Chongqing

Summer in Chongqing

Autumn in Chongqing

Autumn in Chongqing is from October to November, with pleasant and cool weather. The autumn average high temperature is 22 °C and average low temperature is 16.7 °C.

The most recommended thing to do is taking a Yangtze River Cruise. Bring T-shirts, sweaters, coat and long-sleeves for your travel.

Autumn in Chongqing

Autumn in Chongqing

Winter in Chongqing

During winter time, the weather is mild and gloomy and it seldom snows in Chongqing. In the winter time records indicate temperatures by day reach 11.7 °C on average falling to 6.7°C overnight.

Down jackets or cotton-padded coat, sweater and thick jeans are needed for the winter.

Winter in Chongqing

Winter in Chongqing

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