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Century Cruise Drinks & Drink Packages 2024

From beer, red & white wine, cocktail, champagne, coffee, tea to fruit juice, there are many drinking options available onboard Century Cruises to suit most tastes and preferences. To buy your favorite drinks onboard, you can buy them one by one, or book a drink package at the beginning of the trip.

Century Cruises Drinks & Drink Packages
Drink & Food Service Onboard Century Cruises

4 Different Drink Packages on Century Cruises (for your reference)

All the century cruises, including Century Paragon, Century Legend, Century Sun, Century Glory, Century Sky, Century Diamond and Century Emerald offer drink packages for you to choose. However, we could not tell you the exact information of drink packages on each ship, because it varies on different ship and even on different day. To provide every guest onboard a better and warmer service, Century Cruises make changes according to the special requires and needs of guests in almost every voyage. The price of the drink packages varies on upstream and downstream cruises too, and you can know the detailed price of each kind of drink packages after boarding the ship.

The following drink packages are 4 kinds of the drink packages for your reference:

Drink Packages What's Included
Extra-value Package all the cocktail, beer, coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit juice and wine (sold by the cup), with the exception of Erdinger, Remy Martin and Chivas Royal Salute
Beer Package all the beers, coffee, tea and soft drinks, with the exception of Perrier, Evian mineral water and Erdinger
Soft Drink Package all the soft drinks, fruit juice, normal coffee and tea
Red Wine Package all the wine (sold by the cup), coffee, tea and soft drinks, with the exception of Perrier and Evian mineral water

Note: The above drink packages are only for your reference. The types and included items of drink package may be changed according to real-time situation.

Order the Drinks You Like or Book Drink Packages?

Onboard Century Cruises, the prices of drinks are a little bit higher than those on land but considering the hassles of carrying drinks yourself, the prices are quite reasonable, because you will never feel trouble about being flagged at the airport or railway stations. Besides, if you bring your own drinks, you cannot consume it in public spaces like the onboard bar or decks. Therefore, for a better and more leisure ship experience, you are not really suggested to bring drinks yourself but order the drinks or drink packages after boarding. You can order the drinks you like, the prices are acceptable. For example, the price of a cup of Cappuccino onboard is about 35 RMB, and the whisky is about 38 RMB/4cl - 48 RMB/4cl. You are not required to make a payment every time you buy a bottle of beer or one cup of coffee. At the end of the cruise, you will receive a completely itemized statement and pay them. However, if you feel annoyed about paying the drinks onboard cup by cup, or want to sample various drinks and afraid about spending too much money, you are more suggested book a drink package for your whole ship journey. After paying for a flat fee, you can enjoy all the included beverages throughout the whole sailing.

Please Note:
1. Bottles of wine and champagne aren't included;
2. You can only order one drink at a time;
3. Taking a drink to your cabin is totally fine, but drinks ordered via room service are not included;
4. Packages are not refundable once purchased and cannot be downgraded to a lower-tier package;
5. The prices and types of those above drink packages and the detailed included items of each package may be slight changed according to practical situation;
6. If you want to book the drink packages, you can ask the staff onboard for help after boarding, with your room card carried;
7. The legal drinking age on Century Cruises ships is 18 years old.

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Questions & Discussions

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Drink package prices
What is the price of each drink package
2019-06-26 01:41
Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your question! The types and included items of drink packages onboard Century Cruises (and also other Yangtze River cruises) are constantly changing adapting to the requirements and needs of guests in almost every voyage. Therefore, the price is constantly changing. Besides, the prices of the drink packages on upstream and downstream cruises are different. You are highly recommended to get the exact price after boarding the ship, and the staff onboard will be glad to help you.

Wish you a nice ship experience in China!

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