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Taking Victoria Sophia Cruise from Chongqing to Yichang in Autumn

By Felix | November 23, 2019 | 1383 views
  • Departure Date: 2019-11-23
  • Travel Length: 4 Days
  • Group Size: 1
  • Which Ship: Victoria Sophia Cruise
  • Highlights: Fengdu Ghost City, Three Gorges Dam, Shennv Stream
  • Travel Consultant: Felix

In November, I got a chance to experience Yangtze River Cruise. I was quite excited because this was my first time to travel by ship.

That was my second time to Chongqing. I highly recommend you to arrive earlier to visit some interesting places, such as Ciqikou Old Town, Liziba Metro Station, Hongya Cave (especially the night view) etc.

Victoria Sophia is an old ship (the oldest ship among the seven Victoria Cruises) which started to sail in 1994 and was renovated in 2012 with cozy, well-appointed cabins and fine facilities onboard. Being managed by American cruise company which knows western travelers’ needs very well, Victoria Sophia offers high quality of service in every detail to make travelers feel comfortable and at home.

Day 1 Board the ship at Chongqing Chaotianmen Dock at Pier No.5 & check in, Depart from Chongqing

On November 23rd, I took the high speed train (1.5 hours) from Chengdu to Chongqing. And then it took me around an hour from the North Railway Station to the Chaotianmen Dock. Since the unique terrain in Chongqing, I needed to walk to Pier No.5 after I got out of the subway. We can also get there by taxi, it only takes half an hour.

When we get to Pier No.5, the cruise staff will help us check in and then we can have a rest at our room which is small but with everything we need. I especially like the balcony where we can relax and enjoy the view.

There will be a Safety Briefing in the early evening which can help us know more about the cruise.

Day 2 Shore excursion to Fengdu Ghost City (Optional) in Fengdu & Three Kingdoms Open Air Show in Zhongyi

On November 24th, the journey really starts. We could try playing Taichi with the doctor in the early morning, and then go for buffet breakfast which contains both Chinese and Western Food options.

After breakfast, we could choose to take the optional tour to Fengdu Ghost City (295 RMB/pp). People named it with the legend which goes as there were two officials in Han Dynasty, Yin and Wan, they became Taoists and immortal here. And then the public called them ‘the Ghost King’ (the combination of their surnames Yin & Wang). Fengdu Ghost City, a place for punishing the evil and awarding the good, shows the Chinese ghost culture . If you’re interested in the ghost history and story about China, this is definitely a good place to go.

After the whole-morning tour, we will be sent back to have buffet lunch. And there will be a Captain's Welcome Party in the afternoon, where we can get some desserts and drinks, enjoy cultural activities or just relax on our own balcony and the top duck.

After the relaxing afternoon and buffet dinner, we could choose to attend Three Kingdoms Open Air Show (295 RMB/pp), which comes with large stage built on water, 180-degree rotating audience seats and 3D holographic projection. It’s extremely brilliant to experience historical legends and magnificent war scenes via amazing stunt with water and fire.

It’s such a shame that I couldn’t be able to watch the show due to the heavy rain, but the view was quite gorgeous.

Day 3 Shore excursion to White Emperor City and Shennv Stream, View of Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge

Taichi exercise and nice breakfast as usual. This morning, we can join the optional tour to White Emperor City (also called White Emperor Town, 295 RMB/pp), where we could learn some Three Kingdoms’ culture.

The highlight in White Emperor Cityis the Kui Gate, which scenery we are able to find on 10 RMB.

After the tour in White Emperor City, we will be sent back to the ship and enjoy the engaging scenery while the ship is sailing through Qutang Gorge and Wu Gorge.

Can you find the Shennv in the picture above?

In the afternoon, we will go to Shennv Stream which is definitely the highlight of this cruise. It takes about half an hour to arrive at the Moon Stone where is used as the local market. The guides will sing folk songs there and invite us to dance together. After that, we go back to the ship.

There will be a Captain's Farewell Banquet and Crew Cabaret in the evening. What surprised me was that the captain prepared some birthday cakes for each table because that day was three customers’ birthday. That’s very sweet and meaningful!

Day 4 Optional experience to pass through Ship Lift (295 RMB/pp) and visit Three Gorges Dam Site

After check out, we will gather at the lobby and then go to a smaller ship which is able to go through the Ship Lift. It took us about 1 hour to wait and everyone was excited while the Ship Lift was going down slowly. This is a meaningful experience.

After the experience, we headed for Tanziling where we can overlook the panoramic view of Three Gorges Dam Project.

As soon as we arrive at the Visitor Center, the Yangtze River Cruise is over. We can take a taxi to the train station or airport directly. If we have time, we could consider to have a short tour in Yichang.

Hi, I'm Felix. Are you interested in my Four Days Yangtze River Cruise? Feel free to contact me, and I will be glad to tell you more stunning stories about the places I have visited. Or, if you want to customize a tour on your own, I'm always ready to help at any time. With my passion, knowledge and understanding of the essence of travel, I promise I will try my best to make the tour memorable and meaningful for you. "

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