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Echo Gou - Our Experienced Yangtze Cruise Expert

Yangtze Cruise Expert


The most beautiful scenery is always on the road”. As a travel enthusiast like you, I love to go to different places to see different views, to experience different culture, custom and life style. Travel makes me know more than what I have seen in books and videos. The real moment of touching the bottom of my heart by stranger’s kindness is the warmest and most unforgettably memories during the travel. It also gives me courage to expect the unknown in life.

Hi, my dear friends! This is Echo from Chengdu Bamboo International Tours. I'll try my best to help you work out a great travel plan to meet your budget and interests , and provide a quality premium experience during your journey as well as create a lifetime of memories for you in China. I’m right here waiting for you at every second.

Why not take the advantages of Echo's travel experience to design a itinerary just for you, that suits your budget and interests. Her passion to serve you never fades away!

Yangtze Cruise Tips from Echo

The "best" depends on what you are more concerned about, weather or price. To most visitors,the best best time for natural scenery should be the Spring and Autumn, namely, April to June and September to November when the weather is cool and comfortable, neither cold nor hot. For the biggest discount, winter period, usually December to the next January or early February are top reccommended. Also, July to August for summer vacation also offer some discounts for families with student children.

There are different cruise lines to cater different customer demands. Cruise between Chongqing and Yichang is the most classic and golden route to appreciate the famous Three Gorges view. Besides, if interested in discovering more nature, culture, history and economy in cities along the Yangtze, cruising between Shanghai and Chongqing, Shanghai and Wuhan, Chongqing and Wuhan, etc. are recommended for special savory. (note: cruise routes are changed every year.)

Upstream means sailing from lower part of river to the up to the higher part of the river. It usually takes one more day and spares more time onboard for leisure activities, lectures, etc. Downstream mean sailing from higher part of the river to the lower part of the river. There is enough time to enjoy the shore excursions because all scenic sites are arranged in the daytime. Besides, upstream cruise prices may be a little higher than that of the downstream cruise for some companies.

You cruise vacation duration usually is about 4 to 5 days for the Chongqing Yichang sailing route, which is decided by the ship and itinerary you have chosen and booked. For the longer Chongqing Shanghai cruise route, it usually needs 11 to 15 days for different ships.

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    See What My Customers Say & See!

    Hi Echo,

    Everything was good, we had a great time there.. even wish we had a couple of more days

    Thanks for all your support,


    BrasileiraOct 10, 2020

    Dear Echo Gou.

    It is a surprise and a delight to get your message and advice regarding Covid 19.

    Cathy and I are being very careful and following the advice of our Government who are doing an excellent job for the people. We follow world news also. 

    Please thank your colleagues for caring about us. PLEASE tell all the wonderful guides who cared for us 2 years ago in a most memorable holiday and adventure that we think about them and wish them well.

    Take care of yourself and each other.

    Kindest regards

    Cathy and Cyril

    Mar 27, 2020

    Thank you Echo,

    That is very kind and thoughtful sharing this advice with us in the UK.

    It also gives us some cause for optimism to hear how China is recovering after the worst of the epidemic.

    Sadly in the UK we are entering the most challenging period of escalation & virus spread but at least you kind advice gives us hope.

    Many thanks and I look forward to being in contact again in happier times.


    EnglandMar 23, 2020


    thanks so much! This is a super-mindful message, and in times like these, it matters more than ever. 

    Here in Italy, we are holding up, and taking an example from you. It is inspiring to see how you managed to move forward, and I hope soon we'll be able to do the same. 

    Hope to have the chance to visit again sometime in the future. 

    All the best, 


    ItalyMar 22, 2020

    Hi Echo,

    The Wanyou Conifer Hotel and Ramada Yichang Hotel where excellent hotels.The rooms were of good quality, clean and staff helpful and friendly.

    The cruise was satisfactory.

    Your help has been much appreciated and we will not hesitate to recommend you and your company to our friends.

    Thanks again 



    Jun 20, 2019

    Hello Echo,

    We had a very nice trip thank you


    May 06, 2019

    Dear Mrs.Echo,

    After an incredible journey we are meanwhile back in Germany. We would like to say thank you very much to you for the perfect organization of the trip. The boat cruise on the Yangtze was wonderful, the landscape in Zhangjiajie was exciting and breathtaking. Sara was a very friendly, motivated and competent guide. We will remember all of that for a long time.


    May 06, 2019

    Dear Ms. Echo,

    Firstly, we would like to say thank you so much for our tour and your work and quick respond. We are really appretiated. You was giving us prompt clear answers and was solving the problems strait away. Great job!

    Secondly, the tour all together was well organised and got to know many interesting knowleges about China. Especially our days and our guide Mark in Shanghai. Xian guide was also very good and helpful.

    The river cruise went well, only our juniour suit was not what we were expecting at all+location was extremely noisy.Boarging was also very stressfull, you know it. Rest of cruise program and special service and food in our VIP restaurant were perfect! As excuse bonus from your company - ugraded train tickets to business class.

    Despite the last negative comment,we like the trip and were enjoying it. We will highly recommend you and your company to our partners and friends.

    King regards,

    Tatsiana Weber / on behalf from my husband Karl and my cousine Jana.

    GermanyNov 22, 2018

    Dear Echo!

    Everything was very good, and we are very satisfied with our trip. I cannot think about anthing that could have been done better. Give my regards to all our guides and drivers. I really hope that I can give you more business. What is the best time to visit China if you want fairly good weather and avoid the top seasons?

    Med vennlig hilsen/best regards


    Norseland Nov 07, 2018

    Hi Echo,

    I'm back at school n would love to say thank you so much for everything Echo!!!  We had a wonderful time in your beautiful country!!! 

    The Arca brothers

    Oct 15, 2018

    Hi Echo,

    That’s paid now!

    I keep meaning to email you to tell you we had a fabulous holiday in China - we saw so much and really loved it. Also all your guides were brilliant - they were so friendly and helpful, they knew and told us so much about all the places we visited. Everything went so smoothly and the drivers were all very good and courteous and looked after us and our luggage so well. We can’t thank you enough for organising our wonderful holiday and we will definitely tell our friends and family about you if they are visiting China.

    Many thanks


    Oct 06, 2018

    Dear Echo,

    We are now back in the UK after a very exciting trip to China. I would like to say thank you for your support in booking our Yangzhe cruise. You were very friendly, efficient and helpful and I am happy to recommend your service to your customers or to my friends. If I return to China I will definitely use you again.

    The cruise was lovely. Beautiful gorges. I am not writing a blog but have attached a couple of photos of the views.

    Thanks again!


    (The following pictures were shared by Jacqueline)

    The Beautiful Landscape of Yangtze River

    The Beautiful Landscape of Yangtze River

    The Beautiful Landscape of Yangtze River

    The Beautiful Landscape of Yangtze River

    May 10, 2018

    Hello Echo,

    We would like to thank you for your organising our trip to Shanghai and Yangtze River Cruise. We were very impressed with our Hotel in Shanghai and the level of service provided by all the drivers and guides. The cruise was fabulous.

    Again thank you very much we will have no hesitation recommending your travel company.


    Suzanne Duryea 

    May 04, 2018

    Dear Ms. Gou,

    My husband and I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and all the details/organisations you put into our itinerary for our trip. Everything went very well, the 3 tour guides (Diane/Nancy & Melinda) you arranged to take us from airport to boat to train & to airport again were all very friendly & efficient and informative.

    Please pass on our appreciation and thanks to them & to your managers about what a good job you all did to make our trip so enjoyable and free of problems.

    Your help has been much appreciated.   

    Magdalen Kit Fong Fry

    May 03, 2018

    Hello echo,

    Below is my general feedback:

    1.How about your tour arrangements? It was good in general. The tour guide Cecilia was very friendly funny and gave great explanation. She was very organized as well so we were always on time with our schedule.

    2.Are you willing to recommend our service to those who would like to come to China ? Yes I would.

    3. Your general opinion on us? Great trip!

    4. What will be your suggestions regarding how to improve our services?

    5.Do you plan to write (or have already written) a travelogue or a story to share with your friends? Would you like to share it with us and our clients? We would be happy to publish it on our website. Photos often tell more than words and we would appreciate if you share some of them with us.

    6.Frankly, our company can also provide online the whole China travel services, I hope we have chance to serve you again!


    TaiwanDec 04, 2017

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