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How to Take Yangtze River Cruises after COVID-19

A big news announced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China - “travel agencies in China have been given permission to resume group tours that cross provincial borders” on July 14, 2020. Then, another exciting news also released by the tourism authority as soon afterwards - “China is safe now after several months’ struggling and fighting together with the COVID-19. Travelers who are interested in Yangtze River cruise can take a ship since August 7, 2020”. It means that the luxury 5 star cruise ships are ready to sail after 6 and a half months’ suspension, showing you beautiful Three Gorges scenery of the longest river in Asia since August. You can rest assured to book and take a Yangtze cruise from now on for all the cruise companies are never stop improving themselves to guarantee every traveler’s safety and health!

On this page, you’ll learn about:

Which Cruise Ships are Available After COVID-19?
Required Documents & Restrictions for Booking a Cruise
Required Documents & Restrictions to Travel around China
How to Get a Health QR Code
How to Get the 14-Day Dynamic Trip Record
Cruising Yangtze River with Us

Which Cruise Ships are Available During COVID-19?

At present in 2024, all the 26 ships for Yangtze River cruise are available for booking. They have made full preparations - more attractive itineraries and more importantly stricter control on the healthy and sanitary environment onboard. You just set your heart at rest for a worry-free cruise vacation in leisure and health! 

To learn latest cruise info and their new itineraries, you can first turn to “Yangtze River Cruise Reopening in August, 2020 - Yangtze Cruise Resumes IN HEALTH” and get back for further policies info.

(Note: Cruise companies may adjust the itineraries, schedules, or boarding/disembarking ports based on the real situation. If you show any interests in booking a cruise, you can contact us directly to get more latest info.)

Required Documents & Restrictions for Booking a Yangtze River Cruises

Century Cruises

  • Valid Original Passport;
  • Date of entry;
  • Masks;
  • Temperature Screening: Mandatory temperature screening and pre-boarding health declarations for all guests. Body temperature must be lower than 37.3℃.
  • Health Green Code & 14-day Dynamic Trip Record: All guests must present the real-time health green code and the itinerary track code to meet the qualification of security check on site. Guests whose health code shows yellow or red, or whose itinerary track code shows that they come from middle and high-risk areas are not allowed to board the ship.
  • Other Requirements: Guests arrived from overseas as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and those who have been overseas within 14 days prior to cruise boarding, are required to show the track code (itinerary code) mandatorily. Anyone with travel history from the middle and high-risk areas is not allowed to board the cruise.

Kindly Reminder:

  • QR codes of itinerary track and health are provided for guests to scan.
  • The track code only supports the network operators of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom.
  • The definition of risk areas shall be based on the information released by the national Pandemic Risk Level Query System.

Learn more about: Century Cruises - Schedules & Itineries During COVID-19

Victoria Cruises, President Cruises & Changjiang Cruises

  • Body Temperature Checking under 37.3℃ for entering the reception area;
  • Green Health Codes;
  • 14-Day Dynamic Trip Record;
  • Valid Identity Card;
  • Masks.

Note: If you take a President Cruise, you should also provide Proof of Residence from police station (display that you do live in the local area in China).

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If you do not have the Health Codes, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Nucleic acid tests negative reports within 7 days;
  • Health certificate from local community within 3 days;
  • Kids less than 1.2 meters.
Century Cruise through Three Gorges

Century Cruise through Three Gorges

Victoria Cruise on Yangtze River

Victoria Cruise on Yangtze River

Yangtze 2 Cruise on Yangtze River

Yangtze 2 Cruise on Yangtze River

Required Documents & Restrictions to Travel around China

Most destinations are reopening in China. We have collected the latest information and made daily confirmations nationwide during the COVID-19.

Different destinations have different policies and requirements. BUT, necessary documents in all destinations include: (1) Green Health Codes; (2) 14-Day Dynamic Trip Record; (3) Valid Original Passport. If you want to combine a Yangtze River cruise with other domestic destinations, please feel free to contact us for more detailed requirements for each destination.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

How to Get a Health QR Code?

Chinese government has enlisted the help of our country's two internet giants - Alibaba and Tencent - to host the health code systems on their popular smartphone apps. So, travelers can use Alipay or Wechat to apply for a Health QR Code of different cities.

How to obtain a health code?


(1) Travelers have to fill in their personal information including your name, national identity number or passport number, and phone number on a sign-up page. (2) You're then asked to report your travel history and whether you have come into contact with any confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients in the past 14 days. (3) You also need to tick the boxes for any symptoms they might have: fever, fatigue, dry cough, stuffy nose, running nose, throat ache or diarrhea. After the information is verified by authorities, each user will be assigned a QR code in red, amber or green. To make your travel smoothly in China, your health code in each destination should be colored in “GREEN”. You’d better make sure you have the green one before traveling.

Health QR Code in China

How to Get a 14-Day Dynamic Trip Record?

Most of the cities, hotels and tourist attractions will require you to provide the 14-Day Dynamic Trip Record to display that you have not been to high-risk areas in recent 14 days. You can apply for it as following:

14-Day Dynamic Trip Record in China

Cruising Yangtze River During COVID-19

We know safety is your first consideration when taking a cruise. All the cruise ships sailing during COVID-19 make much account of a safe and healthy trip and focuses on the disinfection work for every visitor guest onboard! Every corner of the reception desk, guest rooms, public entertainment places, restaurants, elevator, rest rooms, etc. is strictly supervised with frequent disinfection and sterilization work every day. For eating onboard, all food is strictly controlled to meet the high standard, and guests will be divided into several groups to enjoy their meals at different time with safe distance. From boarding to excursion visiting to disembarkation, you will be taken good care to enjoy a healthy and memorable Century cruise trip.

Yangtze-river-cruises.com is a local based travel agency on the bank of the Yangtze River, with over 10 years’ cruise booking and China tour operating experience. Our whole team including our travel consultants team, our website & marketing team, our ticket & hotel booking team, our tour guides in different destinations have been working even harder to improve our personal skills and knowledge about Yangtze River and China. Now, China tourism and Yangtze River cruise are reopening and we are here full of enthusiasm and confidence to provide you a worry free vacation that you are longawaited! Contact us to book a cruise or plan a China tour!

Enrich Your Yangtze River Cruise Experience

To enjoy the classic joyous Yangtze River cruise sailing, most people prefer to discover it with more wonderful destinations in China for a richer savory of China’s beautiful nature, culture, history, modern city, and more miracles in one go. No matter you visit China for the first time or more, we highly recommend you plan some days in the famous port city Chongqing and more hot places such as Guilin and Zhangjiajie with amazing landscape and classic destinations including Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, etc. before or after your cruising wind down! Select your favorite tour at below to start your vacation! Besides, all our tours are customizable, and we yangtze-river-cruises.com based in Chongqing, China is experienced in tour customization according to interests, needs and budget of our dear customers. So please feel free to contact us for a tailor-made tour if you are interested! Let’s go and explore!

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