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2020 Yangtze River Cruise Reopening in August - Yangtze Cruise Resumes IN HEALTH!

BIG NEWS!! Yangtze River Cruise is reopening to visitors with the first scheduled sailing date on August 7th. It is a really long struggling time fighting against the COVID-19 since last winter. But finally, as the lockdown in Mainland China is over, the river cruise travel is beginning to rebound to normal with the navigation arrangement in succession by the top main Yangtze River cruise lines. Now, Yangtze River Cruise is going to resume this month!! You Can Sail Now!

In order to satisfy your strong desire of a leisure and relieved travel after long time waiting, the top 2 best experienced Yangtze cruise brands, Century Cruises and Victoria Cruises, take the lead to receive cruise visitors to sail along the attractive Yangtze. They considered a lot carefully and are offering more attractive itineraries, absolutely amazing favorable policies, and more importantly stricter control on the healthy and sanitary environment onboard, just for your worry-free cruise vacation in leisure and health! Browse our top recommended Yangtze River cruise, healthy preventive measures onboard and requirements for booking a cruise after COVID-19 to plan your coming Yangtze River cruise trip in 2022/2023!

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Cruise with Century Cruises

Century Cruises is the famous honored Yangtze cruise brand with rich experience receiving international visitor guests and strict European styled management regulations. To take more visitors friends to admire the fabulous Three Gorges and more landscape essences of Yangtze River, the cruise line also offers new routes and attractive prices for your wonderful travel memories! Besides, every corner and every second is strictly supervised for a high standard of hygiene, from your ship boarding, check in, dining, playing, relaxing, entertaining, sightseeing, to the medical personnel onboard and your embarkation, just to help you put yourself into the long-waited “Safe, Healthy, Happy” Vacation without anything worried!

Classic Three Gorges Cruise at the LOWEST PRICE EVER! - By Century Paragon
Yangtze River Cruise Reopening

Take Century Paragon to Enjoy the Classic Yangtze River Three Gorges Cruise!

Planning to see the classic Yangtze River and Three Gorges? Take Century Paragon!

The classic platinum leading ship under Century Cruises is one of the most popular best luxury Yangtze cruise ships, which is designed by Yran and Storbrraton, the proud team Norwegian architects of Seabourn cruises that is famous in the world, and supervised by EMS and Schiffstechnik Buchloh, two of the foremost ship-building experts from Germany. Keeping the route, it is your best choice to enjoy the most classic Yangtze River cruise to closely marvel at the splendid world famous Three Gorges scenery, magnificent Three Gorges Dam project, serene Shennv Stream, miracle Shibaozhai Pagoda, and more charming sites along the golden section of Yangtze! You can enjoy the incomparable luxury cruising experience at a very low price from $386!



Cruise with Victoria Cruises

Victoria Cruises is the No.1 brand and the only American-managed cruise line of Yangtze River cruises. Taking the lead to receive the first group of Yangtze cruise visitors at its 26th anniversary after the epidemic, the cruise company is the first one to bring in new advanced air cleaner. It upgrades the immune system onboard and explores new appealing attractions to start your Victoria styled healthy and joyous travel! Furthermore, the newly built Victoria Sabrina ship is going to meet all its visitors in early October!

Innovative Cruise with Yangtze No.1 Brand - By Victoria Anna & Victoria Katarina
Yangtze River Cruise Reopening

Choose Victoria Anna to Have Fun with the Innovative Classic Three Gorges Cruise!

Victoria Anna and Victoria Katarina are 2 top popular luxury cruise vessels from Victoria Cruises, the Yangtze only foreign managed cruise line, and are going to receive Victoria cruise visitors at first! Refurbished during 2017-2018, the two cruises both offer brand-new and fashionable inner facilities and amenities, decoration designing, etc. of superior standard and high quality for the most comfortable vacation enjoyment of every guest onboard! Moreover, in 2020, the cruise brings forth new ideas to arrange two new influential attractions, Mt. Shuanggui and Mt. Wuling Great Rift, into the classic Three Gorges cruise itinerary, which takes all visitors to experience the charm of traditional Chinese architecture and literary in the emerald forest mountain and also to explore deep into the peculiar natural Karst valley with rich oxygen for refreshment!



2020 Built Largest Yangtze Cruise, Maiden Voyage in October - By Victoria Sabrina
Yangtze River Cruise Reopening

Victoria Sabrina, Maiden Voyage in October, 2020!

Victoria Sabrina is the new superstar among all Yangtze River cruises! Built in 2020, it is the newest Yangtze cruise and also the larger river cruise in the whole world! With elaborately designing and construction by professional team, this Yangtze top luxury ship offers the superb experience, meeting the world highest level of “Energy-saving, Environmental protection and the smoothest riding possible”! Furthermore, all the 287 advanced cabins and suites have been equipped well with great appliances and amenities and designed and decorated in exquisite elegance, in order to let you enjoy comfortable cruise trip to the maximum extent! And after long preparation, Victoria Sabrina finally is going to receive their long-waited guests at on October 1st for a really new luxury Yangtze River cruise! Taking the new Ace, book early to save more!!



Requirements for Booking a Yangtze River Cruise after COVID-19

1) Chinese tourists and expat residents in Mainland China;

2) Body Temperature Checking under 37.3℃ for entering the reception area;

3) Green Health Codes;

4) 14-Day Dynamic Trip Record;

5) Valid Original Passport;

6) Masks.

If you do not have the Health Codes, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Nucleic acid tests negative reports within 7 days;
  • Health certificate from local community within 3 days;
  • Kids less than 1.2 meters.
Yangtze River Cruise Reopening

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Healthy Cares & Hygiene, We Prepared All Well!

To reduce your worry about the health and hygiene environment on the cruise, Century Cruises and Victoria Cruises took the lockdown period to strengthen the sanitary system onboard.

Century Cruises makes much account of a safe and healthy trip and focuses on the disinfection work for every visitor guest onboard! Every corner of the reception desk, guest rooms, public entertainment places, restaurants, elevator, rest rooms, etc. is strictly supervised with frequent disinfection and sterilization work every day. For eating onboard, all food is strictly controlled to meet the high standard, and guests will be divided into several groups to enjoy their meals at different time with safe distance. From boarding to excursion visiting to disembarkation, you will be taken good care to enjoy a healthy and memorable Century cruise trip!

Yangtze River Cruise Reopening

Strict Disinfection Work of Century Cruises

Victoria Cruises upgraded the cruise immune system by using the light hydrogen ions air cleaner, which is the first on Yangtze River. This kind of high technological cleaner is widely used in hospitals, blood stations, community healthcare centers, etc. for its outstanding function of filtration, disinfection and sterilization. And such system can kill more than 99% bacteria including SARS, H1N1, avian influenza, etc., decompose VOC including methanol, etc., make the air clean, etc.

Yangtze River Cruise Reopening

Strict Disinfection Work of Victoria Cruises

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