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Tribe of the Three Gorges Photo Gallery

Tribe of the Three Gorges located on the “Two Dams, One Gorge” tourist line is one of the best complimented scenic spots by foreign cruise visitors. Boasting the particularly tranquil, primitive and nice sightseeing of villages on water, on mountain and off brook, this tribe village offers the best place to appreciate the stylish local architecture and the pure culture and interesting folk custom of Tujia minority people. Check the beautiful photos of Tribe of Three Gorges at below before you go.

Top Yangtze River Cruises to “Tribe of Three Gorges”

To visit the great Tribe of Three Gorges, you could feel free to choose the Yangtze River cruise ships of Century Cruises, Victoria Cruises, President Cruises, Yangtze Gold Cruises, and Changjiang Cruises, which offer shore excursions to the Tribe of Three Gorges in upstream cruises. Also, all ships provide great facilities, equipment, services, etc. for your enjoyment.

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