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Mount Jiuhua - Top Buddhism Mountain in China

Mount Jiuhua, located in Anhui Province, is originally known as Mountain of Nine Lotuses, due to the shape of nine peaks like lotus, later renamed to be Jiuhua Mountain. Together with Wutai Mountain in Shanxi, Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang, Mt. Emei in Sichuan, known as the four famous mountains of Chinese Buddhism, which wins a fame of "Top Buddhism Mountain in Southeast China”. The Mount Jiuhua is also known as the international Buddhist temple.

Tourists Experience in Mount Jiuhua:

  1. Take cableway to view breathtaking sites of Mt. Jiuhuashan;
  2. Sit on the bamboo chair to sightseeing leisurely;
  3. Climb and appreciate the natural scenery all the way;
  4. Tour Jiuhua Street and feel monastic culture;
  5. Visit Flesh Palace to see the Bodhisattva Dizang (Ksitigarbha) statue.
Tour in Jiuhua Street

Jiuhua Street Tour Experience

View Key Scenic Spots in Mount Jiuhua

Mount Jiuhua has scenic area of 120 square kilometers and 174 square kilometers of scope of protection. As the first batch national key scenic spots, famous tourist summer resort, Mount Jiuhua is a national 5A-class tourist area and the National Scenic Area civilized demonstration. The main body of Mount Jiuhua is made up with moorstone. With peaks mainly, basin canyons, streams and running springs intertwined, the Jiuhua Mountain is formed naturally. It owns a reputation of "Jiuhua 10 sites" During the Qing Dynasty.

Jiuhua Street(九华街)

More than 600 meters above sea level, Jiuhua Street is the center of the Mount Jiuhua. As the main temples are here, so it’s also called "Lotus Buddha". In addition to temples, there are schools, hotels, shops, farmhouse, visitors can stay here and make it a starting point to explore the mountain attractions. Huacheng temple, as the main temple, is the oldest Jin Dynasty temple is the Mount Jiuhua. The building’s layout reflects the superb architectural art.

Longevity Palace(百岁宫)

From the east of Jiuhua Street, there is a palace built on the cliff, is the famous "Longevity Palace", also known as the temple of years. Built by Ming Dynasty, repeated repairs and expansion in Qing Dynasty, now Longevity Palace has construction area of 2,987 square meters. Within its four floors has a rock lying with inlaid rock. You will be surprised by the unique combination of rock and construction, architecture and mountains.

Flesh palace(地藏王肉身殿)

Flesh palace, commonly known as "flesh Temple", also known as "flesh Tower", located in the Shenguang ridge (classic top) of Mount Jiuhua. As a Buddhist shrine for worshipping the Bodhisattva Dizang (Ksitigarbha), the flesh temple is different from the general Buddhist temple.

The flesh temple is typical palace building: 15 meters high, the door towards the southwest, with red walls and guarded. You must go eighty-one steps to enter the temple. The image of Dizang here is quite distinctive: body tall and skinny which is a true portrayal of his ascetic life, so this has been described as unique in the Dizang statues.

Tiantai Tample(天台寺)

Tiantai Tample is the main peak of Mount Jiuhua, with altitude of over 1300 meters. Standing at the top, the Yangtze River can be faintly visible. Breeze in the mountain pines makes you peaceful, with mostly dark bizarre rocks surrounded. Watching the sunrise on the top of Tiantai, you will be feasted with splendid rainbow. At this moment, people really have a sense of proximity to fairyland. Therefore, "the Tiantai dawn" is listed as one of "Ten Jiuhua sites".

Jiuhuashan Longevity Palace

Jiuhuashan Longevity Palace

Flesh Palace of Mount Jiuhua

Flesh Palace of Mount Jiuhua

Splendid Bodhisattva Dizang Statue

Bodhisattva Dizang Statue

Jiuhuashan Tiantai Tample

Beautiful Landscape of Jiuhuashan Tiantai Tample

Best View to See in Mount Jiuhua

Having the humid subtropical monsoon climate, the annual average temperature of Jiuhuashan is 13.4 ℃. On the geographical point of view, the higher the altitude, the more obvious seasonal changes. So you can enjoy the different scenery in different seasons.

In Spring, Mount Jiuhua accompanies with hazy clouds and drizzly rain. Clouds are generally 90 - 400 meters, sometimes reaches about 1,000 meters. Standing in the mountains you can see a spectacular sea of clouds. Bell Drum is a major feature when travel Jiuhuashan in Summer. Walking along Jiuhua Street to view Mount jiuhua at night, those bright lights just like stars in the sky.

Due to geographical features, Mount Jiuhua has perennial fog, especially in Spring and Autumn. Mixed with fog and low clouds, drizzle makes mountain vague, while the clouds go up and down. You will be amazed by this wonderful view. In Autumn and Winter, visitors can go to hear the sound of pines in the wind and witnessed spectacular scenery of bamboo sea waving.

Mount Jiuhua Natural Bamboo Scenery

Mount Jiuhua Natural Bamboo Scenery

Tips for Mount Jiuhua Excursion:

  1. The high mountain with heavy wind and the coldness in clear on the mountains, so it is better to wear the thick coat or parks and the warmth-keeping hats.
  2. Much snow and rain in winter, so it is better to wear the travel shoes and the grass shoes to prevent slipping, in the meantime, do not forget the walking-stick and gloves.
  3. If you cannot bear the tiredness, you could choose cable car to see the landscape.
  4. Your satety is the first thing. Do take care of yourself when climbing Mount Jiuhua.
Mount Jiuhua Sunrise Scene

Mount Jiuhua Sunrise Scene

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