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Mt.Huangshan - the No.1 Mountain under Heaven

Mt. Huangshan (黄山), also called the Yellow Mountain, in east China’s Anhui Province is one of the China’s Top 10 best known scenic spots. Besides, Mt.Huang was listed as one of the World Natural and Cultural Heritages in 1990.

“No mountain is worth seeing after a trip to Mt. Huangshan”, Mt. Huangshan is celebrated for having all the features of mountain scenery. It is characterized by the “Four Wonders”:

  1. Uniquely shaped pines
  2. Fantastic rock peaks
  3. Sea of clouds
  4. Hot springs


For the spectacular and gorgeous natural scenery, now it is has become the best place for photography. Actually, Mt. Huangshan, was also famous throughout Chinese artistic history, being a frequent subject of traditional Chinese paintings and literature. Surely, climbing Mt.Huangshan will be your lifetime mountain experience. Are you ready for that?

Huangshan Attraction

uniquely shaped pines


Mt.Huangshan: the best of all mountains

Known as the No. 1 Mountain Under heaven, it features numerous imposing peaks (77 exceed an altitude of 1,000m), forests of stone pillars and evergreen sturdy pines; other features include grotesquely-shaped rocks (many of which are individually named, such as "pig-headed monk eating water melon"), waterfalls, pools and hot springs. Because of its mists and clouds, natural scenery in the area changes beyond prediction.

Xu Xiake (徐霞客), a noted Chinese geologist and traveler in Ming Dynasty, praised Huangshan Mountain as the best of all mountains.


Mt.Huangshan: the best Mountain


Mt.Huangshan Must-sees

Extending 40 kilometers from south to north and 30 kilometers from east to west, Mt.Huangshan covers an area of 1200 square kilometers, the highlights of which occupy 154 square kilometers.

Mt. Huangshan is a marvel. Within an area of 154 square kilometers there is a crowd of peaks, 72 of which have names indicating the shapes they resemble.

Lotus, Brightness Top and Celestial Capital are the three major ones, all rising above 1,800 meters above sea level. Erosion and fracture contributed to shape the rocks into huge columns, giving rise to lofty peaks and deep ravines. Below list some must-see scenic areas:

  1. Hot Springs Scenic Area
  2. North Sea Scenic Area
  3. Jade Screen Tower
  4. Pine Valley Nunnery
  5. Cloud Valley Temple
  6. White Cloud Scenic Area
Huangshan Attraction

Sea of clouds

Huangshan Attraction

the fantastic rock peaks


Best Places to View the "Four Wonders"

To see is to believe. Best places are offered here to view the sunrise, sunset, fantastic pines, the grotesque rocks, the sea of clouds and the hot springs.

  1. Best places to appreciate sunrise: Qingliang Pavilion (清凉台), Dawn Pavilion (曙光亭), Lion Peak (狮子峰), Danxia Peak (丹霞峰), Jade Sceen Tower (玉屏楼) etc.
  2. Top places to watch sunset: Paiyu Pavilion (排云亭), Danxia Peak (丹霞峰), Brightness Top (光明顶), Lion Peak (狮子峰) etc.
  3. Best places to enjoy the sea of clouds: Jade Sceen Tower , Qingtai Pavilion, White Goose Peak (白鹅岭), Paiyun Pavilion, and Brightness Top.
  4. Great places to view the snow-covered landscape: Hot Spring Area(温泉), Cloud Valley (云谷), Jade Screen Tower, Pine Valley Nunnery (松古).
Huangshan Attraction

Great place to view Huangshan Scenery


Best Time to Visit Mt.Huang

Huangshan changes its color and appearance with the alternation of seasons. From the beginning till the end of the year, there are best times for different sceneries.

In spring blooming flowers decorate the slopes in a riot of color and fill the valleys with fragrance. In summer you see verdure peaks rising one upon another and hear springs gurgling merrily. Autumn dresses the mountains in red and purple as maples and some other trees are blazing-red. Winter turns them into a world of frost and ice with silver boughs and rocks everywhere.

Huangshan Snow-covered landscape

Huangshan Snow-covered landscape


Tips for Mt.Huang Exploration:

  1. The high mountain with heavy wind and the coldness in clear on the mountains, so it is better to wear the thick coat or parks and the warmth-keeping hats.
  2. Much snow and rain in winter, so it is better to wear the travel shoes and the grass shoes to prevent slipping, in the meantime, do not forget the walking-stick and gloves.
  3. If you cannot bear the tiredness, you could choose cable car to see the landscape.
  4. There are four three-star hotels on the top, you could stay overnight at the top of Mt.Huangshan.
  5. Your satety is the first thing. Do take care of yourself when climbing Mt.Huangshan.
Huangshan Attraction

Fantastic Sunrise in Mt.Huang


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