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Sceneries Change after Three Gorges Dam Project

Zhangfei Temple

Zhangfei Temple was built to memorize Zhangfei, a great general from Shu State, and originally it was located in Feifeng Mountain, the southern bank of Yangtze River and faced opposite to Yunyang County.
However, it would be totally submerged due to the Three Gorges Project. The archaeologists have removed the structural element and cultural relic in the temple to the new site which is 20 miles westward from the original place.

White Crane Ridge

White Crane Ridge, located on the river bank to the northern Puling District in Chongqing City, the earliest hydrology inscription in the world.
It will forever be flooded in the water after the water storage, but tourists can still appreciate the wonders at the underwater museum there.

Dachang Ancient Town

Dachang ancient town, located in Lesser Three Gorges area, is the only best-preserved ancient town in the Three Gorges area, but has sunk to the bottom of the river in October 2008. However, the local government has rebuilt the town to its proper order in Dengjialing Village, the downstream of Daning River. It has been opened to the tourists after the May Day, 2009.

The sceneries affected by Three Gorges Dam:

Kuizhou Ancient City in Fengjie County
Goddess Peak
Kuimen Gate Stone Carvings

The Three Gorges Dam project construction has brought different advantages and disadvantages, and tourists cannot appreciate some cultural relics but at the same time you can see the new ones.

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