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Century Glory

9.9 / 10
Century Glory Cruise Ship

It is the best brand-new & large super 5-star luxury Yangtze cruise under the outstanding management of reputed Century Cruises team, making her first sailing in September of 2019 between Chongqing and Yichang. Being the environment friendly vessel as well as the first one and only adopting new intelligent technology on the cruise, Century Glory takes every global visitor to have a quite cool, healthy and memorable Yangtze cruise memory of life!

In order to make sure our guests have a Yangtze River Cruise experience with maximum satisfaction, Century Glory upgrades the service in 2022. You will enjoy the following service for free:

  • Embarkation Night Dinner
  • Luggage Handing Service
  • Selected Fine Wine & Drinks
  • Children's Care Service
  • Guiding Audio Devices
  • All-day Set Menu Snacks

Cruise Route:

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Century Glory Cruise Ship Itinerary in 2023

Century Glory Cruise Itinerary - Century Glory Chongqing - Three Gorges Loop Itinerary Map

Map of Century Glory Cruise

Century Glory Cruise Itinerary - Chongqing Chaotianmen DockChongqing Chaotianmen Dock Nightview
  • Highlights of Today
    • Board the ship at Chaotianmen Dock in Chongqing at 16:30-20:00;
    • Appreciate the stunning night view of Chongqing;
    • Attend embarkation safety briefing & facilities onboard introduction;
    • Join in Captain's Welcome Reception on sun deck.
  • Dining
    Dinner (Seafood Buffet)
Dongchuan ShipyardDongchuan Shipyard
Century Glory Cruise Itinerary - 816 Nuclear Military Plant816 Nuclear Military Plant in Fuling
  • Highlights of Today
    • Shore excursion to:

      Option A:

      08:30 – 11:30 Chuandong Shipyard (recommended to kids below 12 years old) in Fuling (Included)

      (Chuandong Shipyard is the largest shipbuilding, ship repairing and steel structure manufacturing enterprise in southwest China. Known as the cradle of ships in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, it witnessed the design and construction of a variety of ships of 10,000-ton class.)

      Option B:

      9:30 – 11:30 816 Town (recommended to adults) in Fuling(Included)

      (It is a very beautiful cultural and creative town with old-fashioned living areas, factories, workshops and dining halls.)

    • Shore excursion to (816 Nuclear Military Plant) in Fuling (Included)

      (It is the world largest artificial cave and the hidden mysterious unveiled structure of the real nuclear plant)

    • The History of Shipping on the Yangtze River Exhibition

      (The exhibition in mobile Ship museum takes you to enjoy the changes of the Three Gorges and the development of the cruises.)

  • Entertainment Onboard
    • Learn to play Tai Chi in early morning;
    • Guest-greeting performance at the bar;
    • Childcare service
  • Dining
    Breakfast (Cantonese Buffet); Lunch (Chinese Food); Dinner (Chinese Food); Morning Tea & Coffee
Century Glory Cruise Itinerary - Qutang GorgeMagnificent Qutang Gorge (Kuimen Gate)
Century Glory Cruise Itinerary - Wu GorgeGorgeous Wu Gorge with Red Leaves in Winter
  • Highlights of Today
    • Sail through Qutang Gorge (Included);

      (Qutang Gorge is the shortest, most dramatic and magnificent gorge among the three gorges and lets you admire the view of Kuimen Gate printed on the 10 RMB Chinese Note.)

    • Sail through Wu Gorge (Included)

      (Wu Gorge is deep and pretty with rising peaks, peculiar rocks, rolling cutting cliffs making a picturesque winding gallery boasting abundant natural wonders.)

    • Afternoon shore excursion to Shennv Stream (Included):

      (The painting-like natural wonderland to appreciate the primitive waterscape with strange rocks, verdant peculiar peaks, winding water, in the serene valley with crispy chirps of at Yangtze.)

  • Entertainment Onboard
    • Learn to practice Tai Chi with onboard doctor in early morning;
    • Band performance at the bar
  • Dining
    Brunch (Chinese & Western Buffet); Dinner (Chinese Food); Morning Tea & Coffee
Fengjie to Yunyang
Three Gorges SummitThree Gorges Summit in Summer
Century Glory Cruise Itinerary - White Emperor CityWhite Emperor City in Fengjie
  • Highlights of Today
    • Shore excursion to:

      Option A:

      Three Gorges Summit (included)

      (Three Gorges Summit is the highest peak of the famous Three Gorges area to catch the most beautiful gorge and winding river sightseeing.)

      Option B:

      White Emperor City in Fengjie County (included)

      (Famous Chinese Ancient “Poem City” mentioned in about 1,400 Chinese poems. It tells the touching story of Liu Bei entrusting his son to his prime minister, Zhuge Liang and has the best location to admire Kuimen Gate of Qutang Gorge.)

    • Flight Deck of the Cruise Exploration

      (Children could enter the Flight Deck and experience “sailing” under the direction of the captain.)

  • Entertainment Onboard and Ashore
    • Learn to practice Tai Chi with onboard doctor in early morning;
    • Light show;
    • Outdoor movie.
  • Dining
    Breakfast (Chinese Food); Lunch (Chinese & Western Buffet); Dinner (Chinese Food); Morning Tea & Coffee
Yunyang Longgang National GeoparkYunyang Longgang National Geopark
Yunyang Longgang National GeoparkYunyang Longgang National Geopark
  • Highlights of Today:
    • Shore excursion to Yunyang Longgang National Geopark (Included);

      Yunyang Longgang National Geopark features Yunyang Longgang National Geopark. In the scenic area, you can feast your eyes on sinkholes, canyons, karst caves, alpine grasslands, forests, Tujia customs, etc. Among them, 335 meters deep Dragon Tank (天下龙缸) gets an honor of the First Tank under Heaven.

  • Entertainment Onboard
    • Talent show;
    • Childcare service
  • Dining
    Breakfast (Chinese & Western Buffet); Lunch (Chinese Food); Dinner (Chinese Buffet)
Fengdu Ghost CityFengdu Ghost City in Fengdu
Xiaoguanshan Folk Culture ParkXiaoguanshan Folk Culture Park
  • Highlights of Today
    • Shore excursion to:

      Option A:

      Fengdu Xueyu Cave:

      (Fengdu Xueyu Cave is a rare cave as white as snow. There are four wonders in the cave, including the largest and most abundant tower coral group, the crystal clear, the longest and thinnest stone Flag King, the earth shield with a diameter of 4 meters, the 2.5-meter-long goose tube - which grows only three centimeters every 100 years.)

      Option B:

      Fengdu Ghost City and Xiaoguanshan Ancient Dwelling Houses

      (This 1,900 year old site is interesting and meaningful to know Chinese culture, telling the traditional Chinese belief of that those pure spirits would be rewarded and those sinful ones would be subject to severe punishments with many statues and scenes in the traditional architectures.)

      (Xiaoguanshan Ancient Dwelling Houses take you to explore Fengdu’s thousand-year history by seeing the ancient dwellings, temples and gates of Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368 ~ 1644). The old gate built with stone, the cliff carved with Buddhist figures, the simple courtyard, the antique wing-rooms… all tell the old story. There are four distinctive mansions that offer more exquisite carvings to admire.)

  • Entertainment Onboard
    • Learn to practice Tai Chi with onboard doctor in early morning;
    • Poetry competition;
    • Farewell party
  • Dining
    Breakfast (Chinese Buffet); Lunch (Chinese & Western Buffet); Dinner (International Buffet), Morning Tea & Coffee.
Century Glory Cruise Itinerary - Three Gorges DamMaoping Port in Yichang
  • Highlights of Today
  • Dining
    Breakfast (Chinese & Western buffet)
Please Note:
  1. Century Cruises Preventive Measures of COVID 19

    1). Mandatory temperature screening and pre-boarding health declarations for all guests.Body temperature must be lower than 37.3℃.

    2). All guests must present the real-time health green code and the itinerary track code to meet the qualification of security check on site.Guests whose health code shows yellow or red, or whose itinerary track code shows that they come from middle and high- risk areas are not allowed to board the ship.

    3). Guests arrived from overseas as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and those who have been overseas within 14 days prior to cruise boarding, are required to show the track code (itinerary code) mandatorily. Anyone with travel history from the middle and high-risk areas is not allowed to board the cruise.

    Kindly Reminder:

    1). QR codes of itinerary track and health are provided for guests to scan.

    2). The track code only supports the network operators of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom.

    3). The definition of risk areas shall be based on the information released by the national Pandemic Risk Level Query System.

  2. Subject to Change:

    Please note that all arrival and departure times, shore excursions and lectures are subject to change due to weather, river conditions and permission from the navigational authorities. The cruise company will arrange the same fabulous sightseeing if the prearranged sites cannot be visited in a particular case.

  3. Embarkation Tips:

    (a) Please call the ship one day ahead or at least in the morning on the boarding day to have clear idea about which pier you are going to use; (b) It is better to arrive in Chongqing before 16:30 on the embarkation day; (c) There are 14 sub-pier of Chongqing Chaotianmen Port. As the car/taxi driver can only stop the car at the entrance of the port, you need to walk to your exact pier. Usually, it needs about 180 meters (about 3 minutes) to the nearest No.9 Dock, about 180-680 meters (about 3-8 minutes) to No.7, No.5, No.3 and No.1 Docks, and about 680-850 meters (about 8-10 minutes) to the No.2, No.4, No.6, No.8 and No.10 Docks from the east side, via the edge of the port to the west side; (d) The boarding time and departure piers may change based on the ship line, water level, season, weather and other factors. Please pay attention to the important info your travel consultants sent to you before your boarding.

  4. Disembarkation Tips:

    (a) You can choose to sail through the world’s largest ship lift - Three Gorges Dam Ship Lift to very closely marvel at the huge dam which is a totally fresh and exciting experience for travelers. (b) No matter you take Ship Lift or not, you’ll do check out procedure in this early morning. (c) Only dam visiting: you’ll take bus from Maoping Port to Three Gorges Dam for sightseeing. You’ll arrive in Yichang Banshan Hotel at downtown around 12:00. (d) Dam & Ship Lift Experience: travelers who are interested in Ship Lift will first switch to a sightseeing boat to sail through the Ship Lift and then visit Three Gorges Dam Site. You’ll arrive in Yichang downtown area around 13:30. (e) Luggage Consigning for Chongqing - Yichang Disembarkation: For the national policy about the security of the Three Gorges Dam Project, no large luggage (exceeding 20cm*40cm*50cm or 5kg) is allowed to be taken into Three Gorges Dam scenic area. You could consign your luggage to Yichang Three Gorges Center Cruise Terminal and get the luggage consigning document from the cruise staff on the 4th cruising day morning and gather it after you are in Yichang downtown by showing that document. The service is offered by the cruise company and needs extra charge of 25RMB for each piece of luggage.

  5. Arranged Shore Excursion:

    The ARRANGED shore excursions are included in your quotation, so you could visit the sites without extra charge. However, if you do not visit the sites, the fees of arranged shore excursion sites are not refunded. If you do not visit the shore excursions, you could stay on the ship to enjoy some leisure time. And for your safety, you are not allowed to leave your ship on your own.

  6. Optional Shore Excursions:

    The OPTIONAL shore excursion needs extra charge. The optional sites will be visited depending on the number of travelers who want to go. You can visit if there are 30 or more people interested (the number of visitors may be adjusted based on the real situation). You have the final decision where to go or not on your own. If yes, tell the reception desk who would register for you and receive your pay in site.

  7. Physical Demands:

    There are many stairs to climb up to Fengdu Ghost City and reach the top of Shibaozhai Pagoda / White Emperor City. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended to visit these sites.

  8. Chongqing / Yichang Local Transportation:

    To know detailed transportation in Chongqing and Yichang, please head to How to Get to/Leave Yangtze Cruise Ports in Chongqing and Yichang.

  9. Dressing Code for Parties:

    Travelers who attend the Captain's Welcome Reception, Yangtze Pirate Night Show should wear smart casual or formal.

  10. More Travel Guide & Support:

    To know more details your life onboard, like cabins, dining, drinking, service, onboard activities and lectures, please head to Yangtze River Cruise Guide 2023. You’ll find everything here.

Schedule of Century Glory

    • Jan.
    • Feb.
    • Mar.
    • Apr.
    • May.
    • June.
    • July.
    • Aug.
    • Sept.
    • Oct.
    • Nov.
    • Dec.
    Please Note:
    • The above price range is based on a standard cabin for twin sharing.
    • The prices are valid by Dec.31 of the year.
    • Please enquiry for the exact price according to your nationality, cruising time and cruising route.
    • Please quote us for the price may change during China's Golden Week (the first week of October) and Spring Festival.
    • Limited winter schedules may be adjusted into other dates, cruise ships, etc. based on the arrangement of the cruise company.

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