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Wonderful Yangtze River Winter Cruise with Victoria Katarina

By Mark | November 23, 2019 | 797 views
  • Departure Date: 2019-11-20
  • Travel Length: 4 Days
  • Group Size: 1
  • Which Ship: Victoria Katarina
  • Highlights: Jade Emperor Scenic Spot, White Emperor City, Goddess Stream, Kui Gate, Three Gorges Dam
  • Travel Consultant: Mark

It has always been on my plan list to have a Yangtze River Cruise Experience and it got realized on the November 20th ~23rd, 2019. I finally enjoyed a Four days’ marvelous downstream cruise from Chongqing to Yichang on Victoria Katarina. Since winter is low season on the river, only half of the cruise was occupied but it’s quite a good date to travel and enjoy a leisure time. Weather was most cloudy with partially sunny time, the breeze blowing my cheeks was a little chilly while I quite this feeling. People I came across there were very friendly and I had been totally obsessed with the gorgeous views I saw. Most importantly, the incredibly impeccable and considerate service offered by the crews light up the whole trip.

Day 1: Chengdu - Chongqing by Bullet Train / Embarkation of the Cruise at Chongqing Chaotianmen Port (17:30-20:00)

In the late afternoon of November 20th, I took a bullet train from Chengdu to Chongqing which cost me around 1.5 hours on the road. I enjoyed the countryside scenery is quite much. Upon arrival, I took a taxi directly to the Hongya Cave to have a glance of the magnificent night there and had a hearty dinner with my local friends. Then 20 minutes’ walking brought me to the Chaotiamen Port Square (which is exactly near the boarding site) where I spent half an hour strolling around to try to find those memories I had with families when I was a child there. Around 18:00, I boarded the ship after quick check-in. Although the cabin size is not that big, it’s cozy and tidy and I had a good rest then.

Useful tips: Dinner is not served on the cruise on the first day. Having some supper near the port is recommended!

Day 2: Offshore Excursions to the Jade Emperor Scenic Spot (08:30-11:00)

Breakfast is served from 06:30 ~ 08:00 and it is for western and Chinese style buffet and it can cater to western travelers. Excursions to Jade Emperor Scenic Spot starts around 08:30 and it took around 2~2.5 hours. Those temples of Taosim are magnificent and some devout people came there for pilgrimage, which made this palace more divine. With tour guide’s elaborate explanations on the history, I learned a lot and found this experience quite knowledge-riching. After the tour, we got driven back and lunch was served from 12:30.

In the afternoon, I attended a Chinese Acupuncture Lecture and learned a lot from what I saw and heard there, quite interesting!

Chinese Acupuncture Lecture

Chinese Acupuncture Lecture

The Captain Welcome Party this night was very joyful. I had delicious meal and enjoyed a very nice small talk with a lady from England about history of China.

Day 3: Offshore Excursions to the White Emperor City (08:30-11:00) and Goddess Stream (15:30-17:30)

After breakfast, the optional excursion to White Emperor City began at 08:00. As a die-hard fan of cultures of Three Kingdoms, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to pay a visit there. I did learn a lot about Chinese ancient history and cultures and those legends and stories shared by tour guide made this trip more meaningful. Also, the fabulous scenery at the “Kui Gate” made my visit worthwhile.

Passing through the Qutang Gorge and Wu Gorge happened in the early afternoon, the sun deck was flooded with people and we cherished the moment to appreciate the highlight on the river. Words had already been beyond description for the waters, hills and the superexcellent gorges. It’s a life-time unforgettable experience!

In the afternoon, excursion to Goddess Stream kicked off around 15:30. The scenery view along the way is amazing and I also saw hanging coffins which is a local tradition.

Captain’s Farewell Part started at 19:30 and Chinese table meal is served. Everyone is cheered up and had this feast together. After that I appreciated the Chinese traditional fashion in the bar with a cup of Long Island Iced Tea. That is all there to have such an adorable moment!

Note: Excursions will be English-speaking tour guide at your services. Remember to wear cloth during excursions in winter time, there will cold wind on land.

Day 4: Excursion to Three Gorges Dam (08:30-10:30) & Bullet Train back to Chengdu

After breakfast, embarkation is around 08:00 and follow with excursion to Three Gorges Dam. We met our tour guide in the lobby and the bus riding took us 25 min to the Dam site. Honestly speaking, I was amazed and deeply impressed with the marvelous conservancy project and the visit lasted for 2 hour before heading to Yichang Downtown by shuttle bus.

6.5 hours’ bullet train riding took me back to Chengdu and this incredible Yangtze River Cruise experience ends.

Note: Bullet train to leave is suggested not before 14:00 and flight to leave is not suggested before 15:30.

Hi, I'm Mark. Are you interested in my Four Days Yangtze River Cruise? Feel free to contact me, and I will be glad to tell you more stunning stories about the places I have visited. Or, if you want to customize a tour on your own, I'm always ready to help at any time. With my passion, knowledge and understanding of the essence of travel, I promise I will try my best to make the tour memorable and meaningful for you. "

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