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Lily Xu - Our Experienced Yangtze Cruise Expert

Yangtze Cruise Expert


Welcome to China! I am Lily from Yangtze River Cruise and very delighted to meet you here. I love travelling for travel makes stories in book come alive. Those moments of pleasure time when the wind kisses my face and a stranger gives me a smile--all become tangible memories remaining forever in my mind. Additionally there is a blessing in disguise while travelling--get what I have not expected before and not get what I expect. Travelling is one of the most efficient ways to experience, to explore and to dream a different life in our limited life.

I have visited many places and still have a list of destinations to go. Hope I could offer you a wonderful tour in China with my professional knowledge and travel experience.

Why not take the advantages of Lily's travel experience to design a itinerary just for you, that suits your budget and interests. Her passion to serve you never fades away!

Yangtze Cruise Tips from Lily

The "best" depends on which you are more concerned about, weather or price. To most visitors,the bestRed Leaves in Yangtze River Autumnseasons for Yangtze Cruise should be the Spring and Autumn, namely, April to June and September to November when the weather is cool and comfortable, neither cold nor hot.

There are different cruise lines to cater different customer demands. Cruising between Chongqing and Wuhan on deluxe ships is the most popular for tourists.

Upstream means sailing from lower part of river to the up to the higher part of the river.Less cost, and it usually costs 10%-30% lower than that of downstream and more time onboard for leisure activities, Chinese folk customs, etc. Downstream mean sailing from higher part of the river to the lower part of the river. There is enough time to enjoy the shore excursions because all scenic sites are arranged in the daytime.

You cruise vacation duration is decided by the ship and itinerary you have chosen and booked.

Yangtze River Cruise: top five recommended ships including Victoria Jenna, President Prime, Yangtze Explorer, Victoria Sophia & Century Diamond.Book now with great discount!

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    Hello Lily, 

    We are hanging on in Guam we start to have firs cases of Corona Virus, so probably it will keep us busy for next few month , we hope this global health crisis resolve by July and vaccine that is being tested in Washington State will be available in August or September and we all return to our regular lives . We are excited to visit China next year , as we have many places to see . Hope you doing well its a though time for all of US but things will get better eventually 


    AmericaMar 17, 2020

    Hi Lily,

    My mother did enjoy her tour. I will probably contact you soon regarding a tour in Chengdu to see the pandas in the first few days of July, if the situation gets better! I am in Guangzhou, not Shanghai, but yes, I have been staying safe at home and not going outside very often. I hope you are also staying safe!


    Mar 05, 2020


    I'm very happy to hear that in China became very day better!

    Also in Italy arrive this virus but we live in the very north of Italy over 1450 slm higher and here there is no problems...

    Now the school will be close for 10 days..I hope that with this strong measure also here in Italy we will be able to decrease the number of this virus!

    I hope that you and your family are well, I hope that all over the world this virus become like zero and we return back to our normal life!


    Roberta Capovilla

    ItalyMar 05, 2020

    Hallo Lily,

    Last year, with my cousin Roberto Bergoglio and his wife Anita Maletto, I had with 'China Discovery' a nice holiday in China.
    We remember well the beauty of the country and the kindness of our guides. 

    We are now very sorry for the bad news from China and we hope that all of you is well. 

    We are sure that these difficult moments will soon be over.

    Cheer up!

    Franca Bergoglio

    Feb 24, 2020

    Dear Lily,

    All worked out very well and I enjoyed the cruise. Thank you once again for your help.

    Definitely will recommend your company if somebody asks me.

    Best regards,


    GermanyNov 12, 2019

    Hi Lily,

    Thanks very much for organising the refund of admission fees for us.

    We had a great time with Jim and really enjoyed our two days with him. The driver was very good too. We are pleased that we made the trip to Wulong.

    Thanks again,


    Oct 28, 2019

    Dear Lily,

    I am back in Australia after my Sanctuary Yangtse Explorer cruise with my sister-in-law from England.

    All the arrangements went very smoothly, many thanks, and we very much enjoyed our cruise.

    I was particularly impressed with the guides on our various tours, especially the young lady in Xiling, who struggled with her English, (so much better than my Chinese!) but had the courage to continue, and put all her effort into giving us a genuine insight into her city. She, and the other young ladies, were lovely. We had many helpful experiences from people during our brief time in China, which is much appreciated when trying to learn a new country.

    If I plan another tour in China in future, I will be in contact again,

    Kindest regards,


    Sep 09, 2019

    Dear Lily,

    We had a wonderful time on our President 8 Yangzi River Cruise! Our guide, Nina, was very helpful.  I think we were the only English-only speakers on the cruise. 

    We got busses from FengDu to Chongqing. 

    Thank you for your help arranging the train rides, this cruise and the Chongqing visit with Portia. 



    (At the end of our cruise, with guide Nina:)


    Aug 11, 2019

    Hi Lily,

    Thank you for your good wishes! We have very good memories of our cruise on the Yangtze River, the crew and guides were very good, we liked our room, the food was delicious.

    Thank you again,


    CanadaDec 21, 2018

    Hi Lily,

    Yes that will be fine to put on your website. Fabulous tour.

    My 23 year old daughter & I just finished a trip through China. It was a great experience & some amazing sights. We also stayed 4 nights on The President 7 along the Yangtze River. We went from Chongqing to Yichang. This was a fabulous cruise & the scenery was just gorgeous. I done the included tours & the 2 optional tours as its a one off & not going to see it again. They were well worth it. Lily was fabulous with my bookings & any questions she was prompt with her return replies & help. I would recommend both Lily & President 7 if considering this cruise. We were on the 4th floor. No complaints with our room or anything actually it was 💯%

    Thanks again Lily for your help.

    Kind Regards


    (The following pictures were shared by Tracy)

    Yangtze River Cruise

    Five Clouds Tower in Fengdu Ghost City

    Yangtze River Cruise

    Yangtze River Cruise

    Tracy and Her Family

    New ZealandNov 13, 2018

    Hello Lily,

    This is Tim, not Christine. We loved the cruise and would recommend it to anyone. Beautiful scenery and interesting shore excursions.


    CanadaNov 12, 2018

    Hi Lily,

    I just arrived in Australia today.

    Our group of 4 was very pleased with the excellent organisation of the whole package which included transfers, day tours, Bullet Train, Yangtze River cruise (downstream) and flights from Yichang to Shanghai

    Transfers: - each of 5 different transfers were on time, with correct van and English speaking guide with driver. All worked very well and guides were excellent and helpful, making the transfers easy.

    Half-day tours: - 2 provided and both were very good. 1st was in Chengdu to the Panda facility, followed by lunch. 2nd was to old town in Chongqing, before going to the cruise. Both tours were very well guided.

    Bullet Train: - booking, tickets and to/from train stations for Chengdu to Chongqing worked very well, with guide arranging to pick up tickets at the station and bag cartage from the drop zone to the platform. Bullet train at 300KPH was excellent in 1st class and countryside was beautiful.

    Yangtze Cruise: - Century Legend downstream - ship was clean, modern and spacious. We had Executive Suites and VIP dining - accommodation, food and beverages were very good. The cruise and side tours were excellent. We recommend adding the "ship elevator" tour as an addition at the end of the cruise at the 3 Gorges Dam. Only issue we had was getting up and down steps on the steep bank to board and disembark the ship, due to one guest being on crutches. Not your fault!

    Flights to Shanghai: - China Eastern - booking, tickets and to/from airports arranged by you worked very well, with no problems. Business class was comfortable and service very good. - Note, the free upgrade to 1st class for one couple did not eventuate - we were all in business, as the plane did not have 1st class.

    Overall your organisation of the itinerary to suit our needs and requests worked very well and we were all very pleased at the no problem approach and that all went like clockwork.

    This started from your advertised "Yangtze River Cruise" which we then added to with our various requests to include Chengdu and finally getting to Shanghai. Thanks for your assistance in making all the arrangement, which flowed perfectly all the way through - not one hitch. Each guide and we had 4 of them, were good knowledgeable English speakers, who organised everything for us and modified each day to suit our needs.

    Thanks for a great holiday, which we recommend to any traveller.

    Best regards!        


    AustraliaSep 15, 2018

    Hello Lily,

    We are still in China .When I get home I will write comments about your service and the tour .We were very impressed with every thing .

    Best regards

    Judith Bennett

    AustraliaSep 12, 2018

    Hi Lily

    We have just disembarked from the Victoria Lianna after an amazing cruise. Everything was brilliant, well organised, great staff and amazing scenery. Especially Rebecca, Mirror and Christina made our trip great they are a credit to Victoria cruises.

    Thank you for organising the trip for us and being patient with my questions.


    Stu and Kim

    New Zealand Sep 09, 2018

    Hi Lily,

    Where to start, we had a fantastic trip, everything you put in place worked very well, thank you! Some specific comments:

    Yangtze Cruise - we (two couples travelling largely independently) joined the cruise early evening Saturday, after an excellent meal at a local restaurant. Check in was very easy and the staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming. We went for the 2500 CNY per room upgrade to a suite, with a smaller more intimate restaurant and executive lounge access. We declined the drinks package, though for some that may be good value. The boat was very clean and comfortable, akin to a good 4/5 star hotel, plenty of space and great views of the stunning gorges. Our only gripe was food, after 10 days of superb food prior to joining the cruise we found the meals a bit bland - far from bad and we did eat but just not terribly enjoyable. The staff were universally superb, those with whom we had most contact were Allan, Jenny and Jessica - all 5-star with superb English.

    Beijing Wall/Summer Palace - Candy called on the previous evening to ensure all was well, we were collected at 6:45am as agreed and made the Great Wall in good time. It’s quite a climb to get to the cable car, Candy could have improved the experience by considering the walking pace, one of the party was feeling a bit unwell after the brisk climb - taking a few minutes more would have been better. We booked to go up on cable car (chair lift not my favourite) and go down by toboggan, this gives a very good one-way walk along the wall, mostly downhill. The wall is incredible, Candy had to go back to base to fix an insurance issue, we would have preferred to get her commentary along the wall but it was still stunning. By the time we were leaving the wall the queues were huge, best advice is the go early!

    We dropped in to the Summer Palace on the return drive to Beijing, it was lovely although after the wall all else feels a bit ordinary. I should mention the excellent car and driver, all in all a good trip.

    Qian Warriors/City Wall/Muslim Street - Alison collected us at 8:30, as arranged and we drove for 90 minutes or so to the warrior site. What a remarkable and truly spectacular morning, it is vast and the work which has gone into excavation and restoration is hugely impressive. We were very well guided throughout and then enjoyed lunch at a nice hotel nearby. By the time we got back to Xian the rain was coming down hard, nevertheless we enjoyed seeing the city wall and Muslim St, I only wish we had been hungry there, the food looked superb. Excellent guide, and very good driver, on the negative side the car was quite old and a bit uncomfortable - not to the standard of others. Finally, we tipped the guide at the end at same level as day previous, we left her to decide on a split between guide/driver, that seemed to cause an issue.

    Chengdu Pandas/Gardens/Park/Afternoon Tea - Gila collected us at 8:30, again very prompt and professional. The Panda base was excellent as was all other aspects, particularly the lunch at a local restaurant chosen by the guide. Gila was a real star, she worked incredibly hard to get us best views and shorted queues , also seemed prepared to go on as long as we wanted at all stops. The car and driver excellent too, all three tours were excellent but this one gets 6-stars.

    Overall first class, any criticism above is minor and in no way diminished the experience.

    A special mention for Lily at Yangtze River Cruise, from the first to last her service was impeccable. Always prompt and professional, I know China quite well, my initial approach was to fix the cruise but the three driven guided tours were really superb - have attentive professional support left us to enjoy the wonder of China!

    Please feel able to use any or all of the above on your site.

    With grateful thanks,


    Aug 15, 2018

    Hello Lily,

    Sorry for the late reply. Attached you will find the filled evaluation form. Since it was not yet able to import my photos to my computer, I cannot send any photos at the moment. Thanks again for your great help.

    1. Yes. Everything went fine and it was a very pleasant and nice trip.

    2. Arrangements were well handled and uncomplicated. The booked ship cruise met our expectations fully. We were very satisfied with the tour guide in Chongqing and the transfer. Receiving train and flight tickets was very simple and without any problems. All in all, the management of this trip was excellent.

    3. Yes. We will recommend your company to my friends.

    4. The company is well-organized, employees are well trained, friendly, cooperative and efficient. E-mail reply speed and quality always satisfying.

    5.  It would have been better if the ship would had been declared as a national category 5-star ship. Especially on the website it seemed like an international standard 5-star ship. This information would bring better transparency.

    6.Feedback can be used for publishing. Since I did not have time yet to import the photos to my computer, I am not able to send photos now.

    7.Yes, they may do so.

    Best regards,


    Aug 07, 2018

    Hi Lily,

    We landed back on Israel. Thank you for a wonderful tour. You may provide my email for reccomendations and reference.


    Yael and Mickey Cohen

    Aug 06, 2018

    Hello Lily,

    Sorry for the late reply. I did not have WiFi on the ship and we arrived just today in Beijing.

    Everything went fine and it was a very pleasant and nice trip. Also in Chongqing there where no problems with disembarking or transfer.

    Thank you again for your help and efforts. I will send you the feedback letter when I return to Germany.

    Best regards,


    Jul 29, 2018

    Dear Lily, 

    Karen and I had a great trip, in good measure due to your professional care. We absolutely loved the river cruise.

    I want to give you some feedback on David and Emma, both of whom were great. Good English; good social skills; very knowledgeable.

    Many thanks for helping us.

    Very truly,


    Jul 06, 2018

    Hi Lily,

    Thank you for your emails and support.

    Firstly, I want to tell that we enjoyed our Three Gorges Cruise, it was very relaxing and we met some lovely people on board. The ship was not too large, and well-appointed and the crew were extremely helpful and filled the cruise with happy memories for us.

    The Three Gorge scenery was wonderful, and we enjoyed all the included excursions (we did not take any additional ones). We thank you also, Lily, you were very very quick in your replies to our many questions, and your arrangements were excellent. So much so that we felt very supported by you even though we were independent travellers, who were not part of a group. The high speed train transfer from Beijing to Yichiang was long, but very informative of the countryside. The return flight from Chongqing was straightforward as we were met by your agent and transferred from the ship to the airport.

    I attach some photos for your website. Feel free to use any.



    (The following pictures were shared by Phil)

    The Beautiful Landscape of Yangtze River

    The Beautiful Landscape of Yangtze River

    The Lovely Crew on the Ship

    The Lovely Crew on the Ship

    Other Small Ship Photoed by Phil

    Other Small Ship Photoed by Phil

    May 16, 2018

    Hi Lily,

    I would be delighted to comment on the cruise that we did.

    We found the staff very kind and extremely helpful, we found the food exceptionally good and we found the scenery wonderful.

    It was a great experience and I would strongly recommend the cruise and the ship to anyone who wants a short but very special trip. Thank you.


    May 16, 2018

    Thank you Lily for booking the 3 gorges cruise for me. It all went smoothly, we had a lovely time. I was a little worried at first about booking through an online agent in China, but it was fine and you gave me an excellent price. I now wish I had booked some transfers or guides with you instead of struggling to do this myself! I would recommend your service.


    Mrs Toni Wisdom, Melbourne, Australia.

    AustraliaMay 14, 2018

    Hi Lily,

    We have just returned from a wonderful trip to China, the Yangtze River cruise on the President  8  trip arranged by Lily (China Discovery) was very efficiently arranged. She came back to us promptly and arranged additional transfers which all worked well and overall gave excellent service.

    The cruise was most enjoyable the staffs were friendly and keen to help and their English was good. Food was fine, the only recommendation would be more sun beds on the upper deck are needed. You should be aware you only really have 2 full days on the river as you board in the evening and leave early on the final day for an excursion.

    We did upgrade our room when we got on the boat and would be recommended,  more room and bigger balcony was nice.

    Lovely trip well organized by Lily and China Discovery

    Liz and Dave

    May 14, 2018

    Good morning,

    My 5 star review was sent to TripAdvisor on March 23, 2018:


    I hope it's acceptable.


    (Hanna's 5 star review on TripAdvisor)

    Hanna's 5 star review on TripAdvisor

    Hanna's 5 star review on TripAdvisor

    May 11, 2018

    Hi Lily,

    Our hostel in Chongqing called the ship phone so it was no problem to find the right pier. Cruise and transport to the train station were perfect organized and we had a great trip.

    Thanks for everything.

    Kind regards,


    May 10, 2018

    Thanks Lily,

    I did arrive in Chongqing again...I manage to get the single room because of the kindness of the Directir and Manager of the cruise.

    Thanks and regards,

    Boedi Poerwoko

    May 06, 2018

    Hello, Lily,

    We would like to send our evaluation based on the form.

    1. Lily's answers were prompt and she was patient to arrange our tour answering our questions.

    2. Our tour itinerary was excellent satisfying our interests.

    3. Certainly we are willing to recommend your service. Your service was thorough.

    4. You were easy to communicate with email and the payment method was good. Your travel consultant and local guides are reliable. The guides spoke sufficient English and were knowledgeable about the areas.

    5. It would be good that the local guides give us the simple map and written programs for the day and any important notes.

    6.  Please use our evaluation for your marketing, but not photos.  We are not good at photography.

    7.  We wouldn't like to be contacted by unknown people. Our evaluation shows your customer service is good.

    May 04, 2018

    Yes we did the tour and I will put something on the website.

    Just letting you know that the accommodations in Xian were great and our guide there was so kind Kimi. He showed us around and was very kind.

    The cruise was fine but the tours we did pretty low rent n the scale.

    Mar 17, 2018

    Dear Lily,

    Sorry it took so long to reply I have been very busy.

    First of all I would like to thank you (Lily) personally for helping me book my cruise. I appreciated your advice, professional efficient and friendly approach, it was very much appreciated! The booking process was easy to follow and communications simple and effective. Well done!

    Good points

    Very kind crew and staff who looked after me whilst I was on the cruise. Staff were highly motivated and customer focused. I would like to thank bar staff on the 5th floor and Reception. I would also like to put in a special thanks to ERIN (dining room) who was very approachable and an exemplary host and ensured I had a comfortable time on board. ERIN is a good advert for the company!!!

    For those on busy tours of China (like me)the Yangtse cruise was a good chance for a respite from all the travelling and to see the Gorges and Chinas varied landscapes.

    Although I was only one of two Europeans on board- the cruise was a great opportunity to mix with Chinese passengers who like to have a good time and were very kind to me.

    I wear a leg brace and have mobility problems and found the visit to the Dam interesting but difficult and missed going to the Ghost City. I did enjoy enormously the visit to the little Gorges and the ride in the sanpan. On the whole the guides were informative.

    Kind Regards


    P.S. my travel profile is:- (62 year old independent traveller from UK who wears leg brace and has mobility problems. My tour of China included:- Hong Kong, Shanghai, Yangste River, Xi'an, Beijing).

    UKMar 14, 2018

    Hello Miss Lily,

    Thank you for arranging our trip on the Century Diamond. We had a wonderful time.

    Best regards,


    UKDec 18, 2017

    Hi Lily,

    We enjoyed the 3 Gorges cruise, the cabin was great we decided not to go for the upgrade.

    The food on board was good with a mixture of local and western food.

    We didnt do any of the extra excursions, we managed to do the ghost town on our own perfectly easy.

    The guide for the Red Pagoda was brilliant.

    My only criticism is we didnt like not being allowed off the boat unless we were doing the excursion. On the plus side we learnt how to play maj jong with Andy Li.

    I think more information is needed for independent travellers especially about leaving the boat (there was a bit of confusion about where we were getting dropped off)

    All in all a good trip which we enjoyed and would recommend.

    The communication from Lily was excellent.

    Jeannette and Bryan

    (The following picture was shared by Jeannette and Bryan)

    Yangtze River Cruise - Shore Excursion

    Jeannett & Bryan Visiting Yangtze River Cruise

    Dec 16, 2017

    Hi Lily,

    Everything went well. We had a last minute change of plan because my wife was not feeling well in the morning. The tour guide Diana was very understanding. We ended up just having a tour of the Chongqing zoo to see the pandas. Then Diana took us to the pier and walked us all the way to our boat for our Yangtze River Cruise. The price includes the fees for two Porter's to carry our luggages all the way to the ship which definitely saved us a lot of work. We weren't expecting this.

    Also the transfer service at Yichang from the boat to the airport also went well despite the boat arriving late due to weather.

    Service is highly recommend.

    Tin Chee Kam

    USAJul 20, 2017

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