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Lily Xu - Our Experienced Yangtze Cruise Expert

Yangtze Cruise Expert


Welcome to China! I am Lily from Yangtze River Cruise and very delighted to meet you here. I love travelling for travel makes stories in book come alive. Those moments of pleasure time when the wind kisses my face and a stranger gives me a smile--all become tangible memories remaining forever in my mind. Additionally there is a blessing in disguise while travelling--get what I have not expected before and not get what I expect. Travelling is one of the most efficient ways to experience, to explore and to dream a different life in our limited life.

I have visited many places and still have a list of destinations to go. Hope I could offer you a wonderful tour in China with my professional knowledge and travel experience.

Why not take the advantages of Lily's travel experience to design a itinerary just for you, that suits your budget and interests. Her passion to serve you never fades away!

Yangtze Cruise Tips from Lily

  1. When is the best time to have a Yangtze River cruise?

    The "best" depends on which you are more concerned about, weather or price. To most visitors,the bestRed Leaves in Yangtze River Autumnseasons for Yangtze Cruise should be the Spring and Autumn, namely, April to June and September to November when the weather is cool and comfortable, neither cold nor hot.

  2. Which cruise line should I choose?

    There are different cruise lines to cater different customer demands. Cruising between Chongqing and Wuhan on deluxe ships is the most popular for tourists.

  3. Should I take a upstream or downstream cruise?

    Upstream means sailing from lower part of river to the up to the higher part of the river.Less cost, and it usually costs 10%-30% lower than that of downstream and more time onboard for leisure activities, Chinese folk customs, etc. Downstream mean sailing from higher part of the river to the lower part of the river. There is enough time to enjoy the shore excursions because all scenic sites are arranged in the daytime.

  4. How long is the cruise vacartion?

    You cruise vacation duration is decided by the ship and itinerary you have chosen and booked.

  5. Top five cruise ships recommended by our former customers

    Yangtze River Cruise: top five recommended ships including Victoria Jenna, President Prime, Yangtze Explorer, Victoria Sophia & Century Diamond.Book now with great discount!

    See What My Customers Say & See!

    Yangtze Cruise Expert
    Lily's Happy Time in Huanglong Ancient Town
    Yangtze Cruise Expert
    Lily enjoyed the great scenery of Erhai Lake
    Yangtze Cruise Expert
    Our Experienced Yangtze Cruise Expert - Lily
    Yangtze Cruise Expert
    Shennv Stream with Primitive Gorge Scenery

    Dear Lily,

    Sorry it took so long to reply I have been very busy.

    First of all I would like to thank you (Lily) personally for helping me book my cruise. I appreciated your advice, professional efficient and friendly approach, it was very much appreciated! The booking process was easy to follow and communications simple and effective. Well done!

    Good points

    Very kind crew and staff who looked after me whilst I was on the cruise. Staff were highly motivated and customer focused. I would like to thank bar staff on the 5th floor and Reception. I would also like to put in a special thanks to ERIN (dining room) who was very approachable and an exemplary host and ensured I had a comfortable time on board. ERIN is a good advert for the company!!!

    For those on busy tours of China (like me)the Yangtse cruise was a good chance for a respite from all the travelling and to see the Gorges and Chinas varied landscapes.

    Although I was only one of two Europeans on board- the cruise was a great opportunity to mix with Chinese passengers who like to have a good time and were very kind to me.

    I wear a leg brace and have mobility problems and found the visit to the Dam interesting but difficult and missed going to the Ghost City. I did enjoy enormously the visit to the little Gorges and the ride in the sanpan. On the whole the guides were informative.

    Kind Regards


    P.S. my travel profile is:- (62 year old independent traveller from UK who wears leg brace and has mobility problems. My tour of China included:- Hong Kong, Shanghai, Yangste River, Xi'an, Beijing).

    UKJuly 12, 2017

    Hello Miss Lily,

    Thank you for arranging our trip on the Century Diamond. We had a wonderful time.

    Best regards,


    UKJuly 20, 2017

    Hi Lily,

    We enjoyed the 3 Gorges cruise, the cabin was great we decided not to go for the upgrade.

    The food on board was good with a mixture of local and western food.

    We didnt do any of the extra excursions, we managed to do the ghost town on our own perfectly easy.

    The guide for the Red Pagoda was brilliant.

    My only criticism is we didnt like not being allowed off the boat unless we were doing the excursion. On the plus side we learnt how to play maj jong with Andy Li.

    I think more information is needed for independent travellers especially about leaving the boat (there was a bit of confusion about where we were getting dropped off)

    All in all a good trip which we enjoyed and would recommend.

    The communication from Lily was excellent.

    Jeannette and Bryan

    (The following picture was shared by Jeannette and Bryan)

    Yangtze River Cruise - Shore Excursion

    Jeannett & Bryan Visiting Yangtze River Cruise

    December 16, 2017

    Hi Lily,

    Everything went well. We had a last minute change of plan because my wife was not feeling well in the morning. The tour guide Diana was very understanding. We ended up just having a tour of the Chongqing zoo to see the pandas. Then Diana took us to the pier and walked us all the way to our boat for our Yangtze River Cruise. The price includes the fees for two Porter's to carry our luggages all the way to the ship which definitely saved us a lot of work. We weren't expecting this.

    Also the transfer service at Yichang from the boat to the airport also went well despite the boat arriving late due to weather.

    Service is highly recommend.

    Tin Chee Kam

    USADecember 18, 2017

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